PS5 and Xbox Series X: why we don't know the date and price yet?

PS5 and Xbox Series X: why we don't know the date and price yet?
For some time now, the universe of next-generation consoles has been at the center of attention and debates on virtual squares. As is known, the highly anticipated PS5 and Xbox Series X will arrive before the end of the year, but only small and insufficient samples are allowed to the public hungry for news. For now, we know that the new Xbox should arrive in November, but we still don't have an official date or market price.

Therefore, looking for a similar example in gaming history is a spontaneous and understandable attitude. For example, the Nintendo Switch hit the market on March 3, 2017, but the price and release date were only revealed on January 12 - less than two months earlier. Similarly, the price of the Xbox 360 was announced in mid-August, therefore, three months before launch. Nonetheless, users still do not appreciate the mystery that still surrounds the upcoming PS5 and Xbox Series X, whose prices and some important revelations are still a secret. After all, we can't even forget the revelation of the PS3's $ 599 at E3 2006, which is five months before release. As for PS4 and Xbox One, however, we heard about prices during E3 in June 2013 - again, five months before they hit our living rooms.

In the absence of E3, we have, however, witnessed important events both on the part of Sony and Microsoft . Yet, these important details remain unknown in mid-August and the public is disappointed with their marketing strategy. Despite the disapproval of the general, it is not absurd to speculate that the PS5 and Xbox Series X will be sold out already at launch, regardless of the possibility of significant revelations “in the last minute”. Surely, Sony and Microsoft are aware of this possibility. Nevertheless, sooner or later one of the two will have to do the big step. In fact, as confirmed by Mat Piscatella , well-known analyst of the NPD, retailers must have this information to open pre-orders and to manage the general logistics of the sale of the new console .

However, Piscatella, does not exclude that Sony and Microsoft are aiming to sell their next console through its online stores . Of course, the retailers would object, but it is a possibility that can not be excluded completely. She has shown GameStop refusing to sell the model Xbox One's all digital. In the same way, in fact, may refuse to sell the digital edition of the PS5 – because it is devoid of a disc drive, it may hinder the profitable business of used games to GameStop. Expect to learn more about the details that we want about PS5 and Xbox Series X, predictably, in the upcoming events showcase of Sony and Microsoft.

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