Call of Duty 2020: new clues from the teaser site

Call of Duty 2020: new clues from the teaser site
The distance that separates us from Call of Duty 2020 seems to be getting smaller and smaller. Leading us on this track is the series of small clues that we are collecting and investigating, concerning the innovations introduced in the next Activision shooter game.

To pique our curiosity are some clues published on the teaser site on Call of Duty 2020, messages that seem to confirm the alleged setting of the game in the 60s. Judging from the premises, it seems that we will move away completely from the futuristic setting and return to play a shooter in full Black Ops style, set in the period of the Cold War, in which espionage will have its centrality within the game. Precisely, by accessing the teaser site, a workstation with a properly vintage style and furniture will be shown, with a desk, a TV and an old telephone in the center, on the left two pieces of the chessboard and a computer and a map at the top right.

Observing the proposed scenario, the user's attention will be immediately drawn to the right, where a date printed on the label of an old videotape is clearly legible - that is “1961-1962“. By clicking on it, the videotape will automatically insert itself into a player connected to the television in the center of the view proposed to us and will immediately broadcast a black and white video that contains many references to the Cold War and nuclear weapons. In particular, the video brings to the viewer some issues concerning the climate of tension in East Germany, the importance of space travel, a speech by the President of the United States, Kennedy, and some references to Fidel Castro.

it Is very likely that we will have many more clues before the full version of Call of Duty 2020 is officially announced. We know that the title “ Call of Duty Black Ops the Cold War ” was a victim of the recent leak, but to learn more about the game and the release date you have to wait for the revelations and the official confirmation by the publisher of the united states. What do you think? Please let us know in the comments.

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