Sustainability: FB clean up the waters in Oregon

Sustainability: FB clean up the waters in Oregon
Proclamations are not enough if they are not followed by concrete facts. There is also Facebook among the ranks of realities in the online world that in the last period have invested more and more on the sustainability front, also aware of the benefits of these efforts in terms of image return. The social network in blue, however, must now prove that it is keeping its promises: citizens and authorities of Oregon are asking for it.

Material abandoned in the ocean: FB recover it

There the Edge Cable company commissioned by the group of works (later abandoned following an accident) for the laying of a submarine cable dedicated to connectivity in the month of April abandoned a considerable quantity of material in the water, with all that follows: beyond 330 meters of pipes and about 24,600 liters of liquid deriving from drilling operations. A Facebook spokesperson said the company has no intention of recovering it.

We have determined that there are no negative environmental or public health impacts from what is left on the site. Although recovery of drilling equipment and mud is possible, such an effort does not guarantee the success of the operation and is not an environmentally prudent option.

The Oregon Coast has a very different opinion. Alliance that through Executive Director Cameron La Follette states the following.

This incident, which resulted in Facebook and Edge Cable abandoning material and 6,500 gallons of residue under the ocean floor, is due to the incompetence combined with the neglect and extreme irresponsibility that jeopardize Oregon's natural and priceless marine resources.

The local authorities claim not to have known anything of what has happened up to June 17. Now grant Facebook a month of time to find an agreement with the state, whether it is regarding a reimbursement for economic damages caused, or to remedy what happened in the other way. The group, Zuckerberg also has 180 days to remove the material or to apply for a permit if the intention is to leave it where it is at the moment.

Source: Engadget

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