Good Nights & Hard Days, corruption and feuds in the old world

Good Nights & Hard Days, corruption and feuds in the old world
Good Nights & Hard Days, a highly goliardic title for a series of brutal adventures and noble feuds in the Old World of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. This supplement collects five adventures of Graeme Davis, three of which come from previous editions (and have therefore been updated and brought into the world of WFRP IV), while the last two are original and represent the end of the cycle of this bloody and corrupt noble feud. .

We have played using the PDF version of this supplement, so we cannot comment on the editorial production of the physical counterpart, but only on the content and playability. The physical and digital product has been translated and imported by Need Games and is currently distributed by Asmodee Italia.

Good Nights & Hard Days

The supplement can be used in many ways in according to the preferences of all players, and every possibility is equally valid. The first is probably the most traditional: create a group of characters from scratch, and launch into the plot / feud between Ulrike and Dammenblatz, starting to play the scenario "Good Night at the Three Feathers" and from there continuing in order on all scenarios. .

the same author Graeme Davis specified that the two original adventures present in this manual ("A Day at the Process" and "A Night at the Opera") are deliberately inserted within what beginning was not conceived as a single narrative arc, but which over the years it has become (remember that the three adventures already published have come out far apart over the years, although they more or less followed a single line of plot and characters). If the author clearly tells us that the work was structured for a campaign divided into five acts, who are we to disappoint him?

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