Fortnite, flying machines with yet another absurd glitch of Battaglia Reale

Fortnite, flying machines with yet another absurd glitch of Battaglia Reale
Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 Update 13.40 introduced the machines within Epic Games' Battle Royale. Nothing strange so far: the cars had already been spotted in the game files since late May / early June. But yet another absurd glitch has made things more ... problematic.

The fact is that flying machines are now also present on Fortnite: this is not at all a feature provided by the developers of Epic Games, but a mistake in game programming. By taking advantage of the glitch we are about to tell you about, you too can soar in flight with your favorite vehicle, and with all the benefits that this entails. Beyond that, it all comes down to some really funny situations. The choice is yours whether to continue reading or not: if you prefer to play "honestly", we certainly won't criticize you.

To activate the glitch and get the flying machine, do this: first go to the truck with wood on the road between Lago Languido and Corso Commercio. You will have to go exactly to this point, without any compromise: you need that truck. Take a petrol can with you, destroy the tree trunks and place the can on the back of the truck.

At this point take control of the vehicle, shift into reverse and ... the truck will take off. flight! It seems that with a few small variations any vehicle at this point on the map can start flying - glitch magic. Oh, the gasoline at this point will become infinite: you will not need to refuel in the skies.

The video below will show you in detail the entire procedure listed, follow it step by step and have fun.


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