Legends of Grayskull: RPG announced

Legends of Grayskull: RPG announced
Players around the world will soon bea> able to savor the power of Grayskull in the "pen and paper" role-playing game set in Eternia, the legendary place where the adventures of He-Man protagonist of Masters of the Universe are set. In fact, Mattel and Fandom announced Legends of Grayskull: The Masters of the Universe Roleplaying Game a few hours ago.

Legends of Grayskull is the result of an agreement between Fandom and Mattel, owner of the brand and which intends to make several reboots of the franchise, with a TV series on Netflix currently in production, a comic and a film by next realization.

“Fans will be able to play as the most famous characters from Masters of the Universe, but they will also be able to create new characters, both heroes and villains,” Adam Bradford, VP of Fandom, explained to the ComicBook newspaper. “The recent Masters of the Multiverse comic brought to light the presence of several Eternia and many versions of He-Man and his allies, as well as different versions of Skeletor and his armies. Furthermore, there are many heroes who protect their Eternia. Legend of Grayskull, therefore, will embrace the diversity of the multiverses and let the player's creativity run free ”.

Bradford also explained how players will be able to increase the powers of their characters: “All traits, including powers and abilities, as they are called in Legends of Grayskull, are associated with death ratings. For example, a D4 in skill means that the character does not have adequate training, but a D10, or a higher result, means, instead, that you have high skills. Players will still be able to increase the skills of their characters “.

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