Bradbury's Halloween tree will become a movie

Bradbury's Halloween tree will become a movie

The Halloween tree, Ray Bradbury's children's story, will receive a film adaptation. Will Dunn will supervise the cinematographic transposition of the story, under the supervision of Charlie Morrison, on behalf of Warner Bros. It is not the first time that a work by the American science fiction writer, considered one of the masters of anticipation literature, has come to the cinema: in 1966 his Fahrenheit 451 became a famous film directed by Truffaut.

Dunn's past works include his presence in the 20th Century Fox's Feature Writer Program and some projects for Disney, Sony, eOne and Warner Bros. Morrison, hired as a supervisor, is instead known in Hollywood for having produced the two films of The Divergent Series, adaptation of Veronica Roth's YA saga.

The Halloween Tree tells the story of Tom and his classmates. The group of boys begins to investigate some strange events that take place in their town on Halloween night.

During the night one of them, Pipkin, is kidnapped by a demon who imprisons him in the Land of the Dead. To help the group of kids there will be Shroud, a mysterious figure who will guide them on the trail of their friend who disappeared through space and time.

The journey of the group of kids will teach them the origins of the Halloween anniversary and the important meaning it has for humanity and the different traditions that celebrate it.

In Italy this story is published by Mondadori and can be found in the Halloween anthology (Amazon link), or in the monographic Oscar Mondadori edition (Amazon link).

The tree of Halloween would not be the first adaptation of this work, in fact, in 1993, he was produced an animated film for tv, produced by Hanna-Barbera . The animated film saw Bradbury in the double role of the writer (he personally supervised adaptation) and the narrator, and was rewarded in 1994 with an Emmy Award.

If you are looking for other works by Ray Bradbury, we can advise you on the Chronicles martian ( link Amazon ) and The illustrated man ( link to Amazon ).

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