Fall Guys Season 2: lots of new content coming

Fall Guys Season 2: lots of new content coming
Released only a few weeks ago, Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout managed to reach several records within a few days of launch. The development team, literally taken by surprise by the large numbers that the title is continuing to grind on PlayStation 4 and PC. Thanks to this success, Mediatonic is already working to bring out a lot of new content for its game in a short time.

Recently, Joe Walsh, the lead designer of Fall Guys, took the floor. In an interview with the editorial staff of Kotaku Asutralia, the designer wanted to go into the specifics of the moment in which his new work is found. “The expectations we had were largely surpassed by the actual feedback we received from the players. Some things you can't plan for, you can't predict them. "

Walsh also added that Fall Guys will be inundated with new content in the near future, just to give the many players new types of experiences to do with the game. “We built the Fall Guys levels with an eye for variety. For the moment we are testing new ways to play, such as special playlists in which players will have to face unusual round combinations. "

The success of Fall Guys has brought the game to the attention of the modder community. In this regard, a mod has recently been released that mixes the crazy battle royale with the fanatic universe of The Elder Scroll V Skyrim. What do you think of Joe Walsh's last words? What kind of mini-games would you like to see in the second season of Fall Guys? Have your say in the comments section.

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