Facebook Accelerator: Commerce for startups

Facebook Accelerator: Commerce for startups
At the debut in the autumn the Facebook Accelerator: Commerce program put in place by the Zuckerberg group with the stated goal of helping startups to grow and consolidate by offering them training, mentoring and a global network to refer to to learn from the experts of their own sector. The focus is on the e-commerce sector.

The FB Accelerator: Commerce program starts in October

The initiative proposes a series of free courses for new businesses in the territories EMEA who wish to benefit from the current trend by expanding their business and reaching new customers: following the health crisis, companies are increasingly turning to the online world, just think that in recent months in Italy 37% of SMEs have made 25 % of sales in digital form.

The topics covered include the customization of the product catalog using artificial intelligence tools, how to make an immersive shopping experience available through augmented reality and adoption of solutions for col sea ​​the gap between the physical channel and the online one.

Facebook Accelerator: Commerce will be staged in October, obviously in a virtual edition as required by the moment. It will last 12 weeks and will not involve any expense, involving up to 30 startups. Interested parties can immediately submit their application to participate (no later than 31 August) by following the instructions given at the link at the bottom of the article. These are some of the requirements required during the selection phase: level of startup experience, execution capacity and role played in pushing consumers towards online and e-commerce.

Source: Facebook

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