Detective Comics # 1027: preview and contents of the celebratory register

Detective Comics # 1027: preview and contents of the celebratory register
Detective Comics # 1027 will hit the shelves of American comics on September 15, a special issue that will celebrate Batman’s debut in the historic magazine. The Dark Knight in fact made his debut in Detective Comics # 27 - cover date May 1939 - and to celebrate the thousand releases of the DC magazine he created a 144-page book that collects some of the best authors of the present and of the past who have left their mark about the series.

These are the words of Batman's group editor, Ben Abernathy, about Detective Comics # 1027:

Detective Comics # 1027 was very busy and I'm really excited to show fans what editors Paul Kaminski and Dave Wielgosz have in store for September. A great combination of writers and artists are working hard to make a great book, and fans will need to pay close attention to these stories, as some of them will plant the seeds for both the future of Batman and the DC Universe.

Let's see in detail who we will find in Detective Comics # 1027: Greg Rucka / Eduardo Risso, Grant Morrison / Chris Burnham, Tom King / Walt Simonson, James Tynion IV / Riley Rossmo, Peter J. Tomasi / Brad Walker , Marv Wolfman / Emanuela Lupacchino & Bill Sienkiewicz, Brian Michael Bendis / David Marquez, Scott Snyder / Ivan Reis, Kelly Sue DeConnick / John Romita Jr and Klaus Janson and Matt Fraction / Chip Zdarsky.

Attendance by the Italian Emanuela Lupacchino - inked by the legendary Bill Sienkiewicz - and the return of Grant Morrison with a story with the unmistakable title Detective # 26 which, at least from the title, seems to act as a prequel to the legendary # 27.

DC has also provided a small preview for two stories contained in the book. The first is A Gift written by Mariko Tamaki (Wonder Woman) and drawn by Dan Mora, tie-in of the current story arc The Joker War.

Here are synopses and tables:

The attack of the Joker, Batman and Gotham City leaves police officer dead. Her partner identifies the culprit in Batman, and for this swears to get justice. This tragedy will force Batman to see with reluctance the mysterious pages of the “File cabinet Black” the contents of which are still mysterious.

very different is the preview of the story written by Dan Jurgens and drawn by Kevin Nowlan entitled DC Generations: Fractured. As fans of DC's most branched will have noticed, in fact, the story leads to in the title, the label of the Generations event that would involve the whole editorial line, but aborted after the dismissal of the then-publisher Dan DiDio.

Here is synopsis and the tables:

Batman is on the trail of some criminals who are ravaging the museums of Gotham to the orders of the Calendar Man. In the moment in which the Dark Knight will try to stop him from destroying precious artifacts, a mysterious flash of light seems to break the fabric of reality, and Batman note that everything surrounding him is strangely different in Gotham. Batman was transported in 1939!

we do Not know how much this story has been edited for Detective Comics #1027 , similar case, however it happened with the mini-series FlashForward starring The Flash (Wally West) version of a volume has been enriched with extra pages coming always from the story labeled as Generations.

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