Fortnite, Epic Games challenges Apple and Google: new payment system on mobile

Fortnite, Epic Games challenges Apple and Google: new payment system on mobile
Starting today 13 August 2020 Fortnite Battaglia Reale offers players a new payment system on the Android and iOS mobile platforms. This is a real declaration of war, because it creates an important precedent against the taxation imposed by the owners of the digital stores of the two different devices. We are about to explain to you what changes, as well as the audacity of this operation.

Do you remember Tim Sweeney's controversy against the monopoly of Apple and Google on mobile? The companies retain 30% on every single transaction within video games. Epic Games has finally found a way to challenge this hegemony, introducing a new payment system inside its Battle Royale on Android and iOS.

The player can choose to make a purchase through the usual "shop" linked to the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store ... or to pay Epic Games directly, bypassing them!

And of course the player will earn, to be exact, a saving of 20% on individual purchases. For example, the 1000 V-buck package normally costs $ 9.99: now Fortnite mobile players can purchase it for $ 7.99, using the new Epic Games payment channel. Apple and Google, however, will no longer see a single penny from Fortnite transactions, so we don't doubt that the situation will soon become tense.

Also, because Epic Games has explained for wire and sign to consumers that are just Apple and Google to have put a spoke in the wheels of the company at the head of Fortnite. "Currently, when you use the payment methods of Apple or Google, the company impose the 30% tax , and this prevents us to apply the 20% discount [which from today becomes effective on every purchase of V-buck, everywhere]. If Apple and Google will lower the taxation in the near future, Epic Games will ensure that you benefit automatically from the lowering of the prices".


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