Cyberpunk 2077, trailer on weapons and their different characteristics

Cyberpunk 2077, trailer on weapons and their different characteristics
Cyberpunk 2077 was the protagonist of a new broadcast of information today thanks to the Night City Wire aired a little while ago, of which we have extrapolated here a trailer dedicated to the weapons and their different characteristics.

The video in question is a section of gameplay assembled in such a way as to highlight the different characteristics of the weapons, which are divided into different categories and can in turn be modified with additions and additional statistics given by the character's abilities.

Basically, the categories are: Cyberware, cybernetic modifications to the Melee body, sidearms or Smart melee, intelligent weapons capable of hitting targets in different ways Power, heavy weapons, which focus on damage and impact strength Tech, technological weapons and more refined, specific for certain situations Throwable, that is all the throwing weapons Weapon mods, that is specific modifications for Attachment weapons, accessories and improvements to apply for the use of weapons

In the video we can see how the Power Weapons are rifles and guns of large size and power, the Smart are able to hit opponents with pursuit bullets, among le Melee there are katanas and other types of weapons that trigger hand-to-hand combat.

Among the most interesting elements are the Cyberware, that is the modifications applied directly to the body of the character, such as retractable blades or other variations physicists capable of hitting enemies or defending the user by directly using elements attached to the cybernetic body.

In full RPG style, the choices made in terms of weapons and modifications also imply different approaches to combat and situations of game. In particular, Cyberware can open up many different possibilities on how to resolve conflicts or how to approach certain dangerous situations.

Among other innovations shown today on Cyberpunk 2077, we have also seen the Life Paths in the video , which represent the three narrative paths and a starting point for the history of the game.

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