Hundred Days, preview

Hundred Days, preview


What is Hundred Days Complex but without exaggerating Certainties and Doubts The production of wine is an art handed down and evolved since prehistoric times. Wine was a cult in ancient Greece, a treasure for the Romans. It was the sacred symbol of powerful divinities, protagonist of lavish banquets, at the center of myths and legends, a messenger of tradition and culture. Today, in addition to being a great pretext for selfies on Instagram, wine is an increasingly popular drink all over the world, in a huge industry of which Italy is still the world's leading producer. But despite this, for many people, wine production remains a mystery. To fill this gap, you could read books, take courses, get information online, or ... play a video game. We met Broken Arms Games, a small independent development team that is working on Hundred Days, a management software focused on the theme of wine production.

What is Hundred Days

at The base, Hundred Days looks like a typical management. The goal is to set up and manage a winery, with the cellar in which we produce and store the wine, and all around the vineyard in which to carry out the cultivation. Year after year, you will have to choose which vine cultivating and wine producing, which tools to purchase, and if you focus on quality or on quantity: maybe you want that your business remains small but has a great reputation and a wine to be requested; or you want to increase the amount of bottles produced with the idea to expand as quickly as possible. You can create your own label or to participate in the trade fairs, and every year you will have a series of objectives in the short and long period to complete. In the Hundred Days there are, however, several obstacles, diseases, and parasites that may compromise the screw to the weather conditions, that can make the difference between an outstanding season and a disastrous. In the game, as in reality, space is one of the most important resources for a company that produces wine, and the development team has decided to communicate this idea by asking the player to arrange the tools, the facilities and the vineyards as if they were pieces of a puzzle, an idea inspired by a side-to-Tetris, on the other, to the inventory of Resident Evil.

Complex, but do not overdo it

In the Hundred Days, every choice you do will have an impact on the quality of the wine produced. As in reality, the facing direction of the vineyard determines the exposure of the vines to the sun, and then also in the final version of the game you will need to keep in mind this factor. In the bottle of wine, you'll have to decide only the name and the label, but the type of bottle and cap. After the tasting session is assigned a vote and are given advice on how to improve the product while you can sell to individuals and restaurants, and increasing your fame, to even get to the supermarket. There are games, like the old Farmville, but make the experience accessible to all, in the end they oversimplify and trivialize the subject, with the result that it is not possible to learn anything about the cultivation of the fields through the gameplay. From the other side of the spectrum, there are simulators farm as a Farming Simulator, much more profound and closer to reality, but that is precisely because of their complexity, end up to scare a good chunk of people.

Hundred Days puts you in the middle: on the one hand he wants to be an accessible game, with colorful graphics and mechanics are easily understood, the other to faithfully reproduce the processes of wine production. Playing the game you learn the dynamics behind the working of the grape, the influence of the specific climatic conditions, the various instruments required, the possible risks to the crops and the processes of bottling and sale. Hundred Days has a catchment area that is potentially very great: the passion for wine unites people from all over the world, and although the game is still in development, around the project you are already forming a community increasingly numerous is made of fans or the simply curious. However, the goal of the team is to get to those who of the wine, nor knows as little as me. To those who may want to play a good management, and in the meantime learn something new on which to discuss at the table. Maybe right in front of a bottle of good Barbera.

a Hundred Days has not been a release date, but the work progressed swimmingly, and on Steam the developer has released a demo that allows those who are curious to get an idea and try on an entire season of production: from the cultivation of the vine to selling the wine. After having tried the demo, you'll learn something more about the production of wine. And this is the goal of the Hundred Days: playing we will not become sommeliers, but we know things that we didn't know, and maybe we will learn to appreciate a little more what we drink.


A management on a subject that is very original as Much research and accuracy in recreating the dynamics of the wine industry Artistically very pleasant


the Story Mode to be verified, The team will have to maintain the right balance between accessibility and simulation

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