AVM FRITZ! Box and Open Fiber together for gamers

AVM FRITZ! Box and Open Fiber together for gamers
AVM FRITZ! Box is working with Open Fiber to bring an even faster and more performing network experience to Italian homes. The agreement provides that all Open Fiber partner service providers, who request it, make a FRITZ! Box modem router available to their customers: an important step to offer not only the best connection at home, but also inside the house itself. Especially to those who, like video gamers, have very specific needs. We talked about it with Francesco Betz, of AVM, and with Luca Pecorelli, of Open Fiber.

The best possible experience

The collaboration stems from an important assumption: AVM and Open Fiber are both leaders in their respective sectors and a partnership between the two will allow for the best possible online experience. AVM is in fact a leading company in the production of routers, modems and accessories thanks to the FRITZ! Box brand. The offer consists of a series of products designed for all types of connection, obviously including FTTH (Fiber to the home) optical fiber. Open Fiber was born in 2016 and is a company that creates network infrastructures and that resells its services to other operators, in turn in direct contact with the public. The offer is based on an FTTH fiber optic network that has connected and will continue to reach not only the large population centers but also the small Italian villages thanks to the Infratel concession. Open Fiber coverage and the list of partner operators can be checked on the official website.

Open the Fiber will broaden the range of services", explains Luca Pecorelli, "allowing operators of small and medium-sized offer top of the line products and allowing the entry of new players in the telecommunications market. In this perspective, provide a router last generation, and quality as those of the AVM FRITZ!Box without the operator having to take care of supply and logistics, allows us to present ourselves to our customers, with a proposal keys in hand. The end user will enjoy also an installation and a test of the line, as well as to be sure that everything functions properly." The young manager then explained how the gamer has always been to Open the Fiber a type of reference customers, mainly because demanding. "For instance, the first to recognize the advantages of an optical fiber FTTH, which then comes up to the house, compared to FTTC, that is up to the ecu in the road and then enters the house with a copper cable. We offer great reliability, low latency and speeds up to 1 gigabit in upload and download, which is symmetric, based on the contract that we have with that particular operator". Open Fiber has an infrastructure, however, which already allows for up to 10 gigabit, and is ready to the test of time.

Starting from this premise, then a quality network, the AVM is believed to have the right products to best enhance the infrastructure of the Open Fiber. "From our point of view," says Francis Betz, "a connection top of the range as the FTTH Open Fiber to be connected with a product, such as our's, of equal value, which allows to exploit the whole line. The FRITZ!The Box is in the center of this promise, the heart of the mesh network of the house. Where does not arrive the Box there are a whole series of accessories such as the repeater AVM FRITZ!Repeater 3000, which connects to a Box with a Plug & Play system: just press two buttons and the game is done." In addition, the AVM products have a whole range of features, such as the Bend of the Steering that allows you to automatically switch a device from one band to another. "If we imagine, for example, have a PlayStation or a Xbox on the 2.4 GHz frequency, but the Box and realizes that it is better to switch to 5GHz, this "jump" is executed in automatic". Among other things, the Box always knows at any time which device that makes up the mesh network should connect, automatically and without any disconnection. "For the players, we have a series of systems that combine functionality and safety. You can, for example, in such a way that a console has the permission to open for themselves the doors that you need, or hand set each port according to your needs, for maximum safety. Finally, our FRITZ!Box give way for the user to choose which device to prioritize. And it is precisely the prioritization one of the features that make it attractive to the FRITZ!Box in the world of the gamer: if the game applications they enjoy a preferential route inside the home network, the experience of the game will be affected positively, with reaction times lower".

The basis of the agreement between AVM and the Open Fiber there will be two products, the FRITZ!Box 7590, and the FRITZ!Box 7530, both connected to the stud wall where it comes from the fiber directly into the home. "The first is our top of the range with regards to the modem router wi fi , much appreciated in gaming circles. The 7530 is our largest selling product, with an excellent quality-price ratio". Each service provider will choose whether to offer only one of the two, or both, to its customers, then you will need to contact your provider to find out what is the endowment in the hands of the end user.

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