Skyrim celebrates Halloween with these terrifying official mods

Skyrim celebrates Halloween with these terrifying official mods

Bethesda is also not immune to the allure of Halloween, nor is Skyrim. The popular action RPG, in fact, has been updated in the last few hours, including support for 13 (the number maybe not chosen at random, right?) Fantastic and terrifying mods to celebrate the scariest event of the year . Thirteen official mods that will make your adventure much scarier and that could even risk breaking the magic and mood of the game, but in the end, since we have actually entered the scariest month of the year it is worth giving them a chance. br>
The list of new official Skyrim mods includes a number of changes to armor, weapons and summonable creatures. We start with the Medusa & Drakul armor, created by ZerofrostSatyr and the fearsome and frightening Bloody Bones, a weapon with a name that says it all, created by XvomTheMad. Other additions concern scary quests and locations. Obviously they are all compatible with the Special Edition, which is the latest version of the role-playing game by Bethesda.

As for the compatibility of the mods, well, at present we have bad news for you: not all of them are available on all platforms. On Xbox, PC and PlayStation 4 consoles there is a selection of them, while others are inextricably linked to one or the other platform. A little further down the complete list, divided by platforms:


The Medusa & Drakul Armor Bloody Bones Soul Cairn Shack Soul Rift Unique Vampire Dens Grim Potions PlayStation 4:

Grim Apothecary Adalvald's Retreat Lady Embers - Burnt Spriggan Follower Ignicia - Flame Atronach Follower Foxpaw Manor PC:

The Brotherhood Of Old Ebony Battle Spiders - Conjuration Spell Foxpaw Manor Ignicia - Flame Atronach Follower Lady Embers - Burnt Spriggan Follower Adalvald's Retreat Skyrim will be back on sale in its Anniversary Edition in a few weeks. If you have not yet discovered all the details of this new version of the game, we invite you to consult them by visiting this address. Keep following for all the news and announcements in the pipeline.

The Skyrim Library is a complete work (in English) that contains all the details about the Bethesda game: you can find it HERE.

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