Role-playing game: the releases of August 2021

Role-playing game: the releases of August 2021

Role-playing game

Here we are again for the usual monthly column dedicated to the news of the role-playing game market, both in Italy and abroad. This August 2021 could only be relatively small with surprises, but it offers a little more news than last month, which was really greedy for new releases.

No more delays and so let's see what the new ones are titles of this August 2021, proposed on the national and foreign roleplaying market by various publishers in the sector, starting as always with the Italian news.

Asmodee Italia

Kids & Legends

In this month of August 2021, Asmodee Italia presents Kids & Legends, an extremely simple role-playing game, designed specifically to bring the youngest and all those parents and educators who want to live fantastic to the RPG adventures with their boys. Thanks to a box rich in materials and a simple and immediate game system, it is ideal for those who want to take their first steps in the world of role-playing.

Kids & Legends is available for purchase online.

Need Games!

The Legend of the Five Rings

For the oriental fantasy role-playing game The Legend of the Five Rings, the publishing house Need Games! in this month of August 2021 it offers some interesting news, proposing three new titles: Sentiero delle Onde, a 256-page manual to interpret and add the iconic ronin and strange gaijin to the Rokugan campaigns; The Sins of Regret, a 32-page adventure with poster map and digital tokens; and Rippled Waves, a free digital supplement (downloadable at this link) to expand the adventure encounters contained in The Sins of Regret, which also contains the rules for the ronin who have won success.

The Legend of the Five Rings - Path of the Waves is available for online purchase. The Legend of the Five Rings - Sins of Regret is available for online purchase. The basic manale of The Legend of the Five Rings is available for online purchase. The material previously released for The Legend of the Five Rings is available for online purchase.

Old-School Essentials

Need Games! in this August 2021 it also offers three adventures for Old-School Essentials, the old-school fantasy role-playing game that slavishly traces in the footsteps of the old D&D BECMI. This is The Incandescent Caves, a fantasy adventure for 1st and 2nd level characters and an ideal sequel to the previously published adventure Inside the Oak; The Halls of the Bloody King, a perilous horror adventure for 3rd to 5th level characters; and Island of the Resonant Wizard, an underwater adventure for 3rd to 5th level characters.

Old-School Essentials - The Glowing Caves is available for online purchase. Old-School Essentials - The Halls of the Blood King is available for purchase online. Old-School Essentials - The Island of the Resonant Wizard is available for purchase online. Old-School Essential - Book of Rules is available for online purchase. All the knowledge of Old-School Essentials is available for purchase online.

Fumble RPG

Green Oaks

In this August 2021 there is nothing better than following the advice of Fumbel GDR and spending a peaceful time in Green Oaks, amidst recreational activities, new friendships and super-qualified personnel.

Green Oaks, which gives the title to this quick and fun roleplaying game, is nothing more than a high-level retirement home, which, however, hides dark secrets. The players, led by a Narrator, will only have to play some of the elders, guests of the structure. Interpreting your Elder will be very simple thanks to an innovative system called ArterioscleroSys. To play you also need a deck of Briscola cards, not included. Green Oaks is a fast-paced game, made to fill even the last evenings of caciarone and fun game, also thanks to the SHIPYARD, which will allow you to improvise everything, from the plot to the characters.

Green Oaks is available for 'online purchase .

Let's see now what June has in store for the foreign market.

Free League Publishing

Alien RPG

For the Official role-playing game of ALIEN, in this month of August 2021 the Swedish publishing house Free League Publishing is launching a highly anticipated manual on the market: the Colonial Marines Operations Manual. This is a complete module for the campaign game mode, hardcover and richly illustrated. It will provide all the tools necessary to conduct a completely open campaign in which players will be able to step into the shoes of the iconic Colonial Marines of the ALIEN universe. Obviously, in order to enjoy it, it will be necessary to have the ALIEN RPG Basic Manual which should soon be released in Italian by Wyrd Edizioni.

ALIEN RPG Colonial Marines Operations Manual is available for purchase online. The basic ALIEN RPG manual is available for online purchase.

Forbidden Lands

As for the acclaimed fantasy RPG Forbidden Lands, this August 2021 sees Free League Publishing launch a Kickstarter campaign that will bring to the table fans two new products: Forbidden Lands: Book of Beasts, a beautifully illustrated bestiary filled to the brim with murderous monsters and deadly encounters, and Forbidden Lands: The Bloodmarch, a manual that expands the game world and includes a campaign Complete: Legacy of Horn.

Arc Dream Publishing

Delta Green

For the horror and conspiracy RPG Delta Green, inspired by the Myths of HP Lovecraft, the US publisher Arc Dream Publishing this month of August 2021 launches on the market of the RPG ARCHINT, a volume in which a whole series of objects and artifacts are collected and described that to define dangerous is an understatement.

Some analysts develop signal intelligence or SIGINT. Some develop human intelligence, HUMINT. Delta Green deals with the oldest secrets. You need archaeological intelligence: ARCHINT, a study on the frightening dangers abandoned in hidden places. He needs agents who investigate the horrors so that others can turn their backs.

Delta Green: ARCHINT in digital version is available for online purchase. The box set including the two basic manuals, Delta Green: Agent Handbook and Delta Green: Handler Manual, is available for purchase online. Numerous manuals and adventures for Delta Green are available for purchase online. As if this were not enough, this month a Kickstarter campaign for the creation of Delta Green: The Conspiracy also saw the light, a re-edition updated to the modern regulation and revisited of the material published in the nineties and in the early 2000s as an alternative setting for the Call of Cthulhu role-playing game. An unmissable campaign for Delta Green fans.

R. Talsorian Games

The Witcher RPG

For the official RPG of The Witcher, the US publisher R. Talsorian Games in this month of August 2021 offers A Book of Tales, a supplement that offers six adventures that cross the continent, complete with new monsters, content for players and maps. The whole is playable as a larger campaign. With this book, players will travel from the mighty Kovir Mountains to the Toussaint wine region, all the way to Nilfgaard, meeting interesting characters along the way, with intrigue around every corner. We remind you that the basic manual and the other previous manuals are published in Italian by Need Games !.

A Book of Tales is available for online purchase. The Witcher Basic Manual is available for purchase online.

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