Cheap controllers | The best of August 2021

Cheap controllers | The best of August 2021

What could be worse than inviting a friend over and finding yourself without a second controller to play together? Probably in the life of a gamer a few other things and here in fact a second controller is always useful in these situations, but also in many others. For example, just think of when you forget to charge your main joystick, finding it with a low battery just a few seconds before starting to play. Unfortunately, buying a second controller is certainly not an indifferent expense, given that the original gamepads for the main game consoles often come to cost even more than 50 euros. That's why we've compiled for you the list of the best budget controllers on the market, whatever your preferred gaming platform.

Before diving into the best budget controllers you can buy nowadays, we would also like to point out to you what are our buying guides dedicated to wireless gaming headsets and cheap gaming chairs, to always have a top station.

Best Cheap Controllers

Nacon Compact Controller - Best for PlayStation PowerA wired controller - Best for Xbox PowerA wired controller - Best for Nintendo Switch Zexrow - Best for PC 8Bitdo Zero2 - The best alternative

Nacon Compact Controller - The best for PlayStation

If you are looking for the best cheap PS4 controllers to come to your rescue, the Nacon Compact Controllers are sure to come. This is a series of very high quality gamepads, which will certainly not make you regret the classic PS4 controllers. Successful design, 3 meter cable, jack input and equipped with the share, options and PS buttons: the Nacon Compact are affordable controllers of all respect, perfect for any PS4. Finally, to make everything even more interesting is a large number of different colors, able to satisfy practically every taste. What more could you want?

» Click here to buy Nacon Compact Controller gray

» Click here to buy Nacon Compact Controller green camouflage

» Click here to buy Nacon Compact Controller crystal blue

PowerA wired controller - The best for Xbox

In case you need a good inexpensive Xbox controller, PowerA, a high quality licensed wired product, is for you. Microsoft official. In addition to the classic keys, the PowerA also has two additional programmable buttons on the back, a very remarkable feature for a product sold at a budget price. Let's be clear: can you really resist this beautiful design dedicated to that Cuphead masterpiece? PS: in case you want something more traditional, this great budget controller is also available in classic black and white colors.

» Click here to buy PowerA wired controller black

PowerA wired controller - Best for Nintendo Switch

Best controllers cheap for Nintendo Switch take the name of PowerA, which is a series of very good quality gamepads sold at a very low price to say the least. In addition to being officially licensed by Nintendo, these products feature an ergonomic design, a detachable three-meter usb cable, and most importantly, a large number of different prints. To play economically and in style.

» Click here to buy PowerA wired controller Pikachu yellow

» Click here to buy PowerA wired controller Mewtwo

» Click here to buy PowerA wired controller Bulbasaur

Zexrow - The best for PC

Although the PC has historically been the realm of the paired mouse and keyboard, in some games a good joystick can always be useful. Therefore, as the best budget controller for PC we recommend the Zexcrow, a device that is very reminiscent of the unforgettable Xbox 360 gamepad, emulating its quality at a very low price to say the least. In case this solution does not convince you, we remind you that most of the other economic controllers recommended in this article are also compatible on PC, although they have recommended them for other gaming platforms. When we say spoiled for choice.

8BitDo Zero2 - The best alternative

Are you feeling particularly alternative or you want an inexpensive controller that is very comfortable to always carry below? In this case, the 8Bitdo Zero2 is definitely the one for you, a beautiful mini device compatible with Nintendo Switch, PC and Android designed to play in total freedom and particularly recommended for indie games. A unique product, with an irresistible design, weighing only 20 grams and characterized by a very low price: the 8Bitdo Zero2 is a real gem.

» Click here to buy 8BitDo Zero2 yellow

How to choose the best cheap controllers

When you find yourself buying an inexpensive controller you need to have a clear idea of ​​how you will most likely find yourself in your hands after purchasing a product that is so valid, but which still fails to achieve the same quality as standard controllers for various gaming platforms. Precisely for this reason it is good and right to inform yourself as much as possible, in order to obtain the highest possible quality / price ratio.

Type of connection

One of the main things to keep in consideration before buying an inexpensive controller is that relating to the type of connection. Wireless or wired: both have their pros and cons, but it is good to consider how the first is more difficult to find in a product at a reduced price and how without adequate quality the wireless connection risks "giving away" some bad joke. too much. In short, if you want a cheap wireless controller, read the various reviews even more carefully.


It is also very important not to underestimate the compatibility of the various cheap controllers. Although certain products are marketed only for certain gaming platforms, they are proven to be compatible with others and, almost always, even with PCs. A deeper look at user descriptions and feedback could therefore save you several euros.

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