The best cheap houses | August 2021

The best cheap houses | August 2021

We have compiled a guide to the best budget houses on the market, which we will update from month to month according to promotions and new releases. Our proposals also include models with mini ITX form factor, ideal for those who want to build a compact PC. The surprising aspect is that you won't have to give up on design: the best budget houses have nothing to envy to the famous products of companies like NZXT, Corsair or Thermaltake.

You might think that such cheap models are not suitable for a Gaming PC, but that's not the case. Some of the proposed cases can mount up to a maximum of 7 120mm fans (even 140mm variants), as well as liquid coolers. So, heat dissipation won't be a problem.

Space is not lacking either: most budget homes can accommodate at least two 2.5 / 3.5-inch storage drives (up to a maximum seven for some products), as well as E-ATX, ATX, micro-ATX, and mini-ITX motherboards. If you want to save money by investing in more performing components, our proposals are perfect for you.

The best cheap houses

GeeekPi 1 Mars Gaming MCMW Sharkoon TG4 Itek The Rock Evo Cooler Master MasterBox Q300L

GeeekPi 1

It will not go down in history as the most beautiful case ever made, but if you are looking for a “case” for your Raspberry Pi 4 (model B), you have found it. The shell is made of aluminum, weighs only 225 grams and measures 17 x 9 x 4 cm. The package also includes a small (and silent) fan, the power supply (or charger, in this case) and a small screwdriver.

"Click here to buy GeeekPi

Mars Gaming MCMW

Mars Gaming MCMW is a Mini Tower case that we recommend for low-end configurations, and that develops little heat (builds without a dedicated GPU, for example). The product is therefore recommended for the typical living room PC. The airflow is not that great: you can only install an 80mm fan on the rear panel (already included in the package).

The product can accommodate micro ATX and mini ITX motherboards. Inside the case are space for up to two 3.5 or 2.5-inch storage drives, video cards up to 269 mm long, CPU heatsinks up to 143 mm high and power supplies up to 260 mm long. Mars Gaming MCMW features an acrylic side panel and a beautiful brushed aluminum front panel. The power supply is installed at the top and there is a compartment for cable management.

An I / O hub is located on the front panel which offers:

1x USB 3.0 1x USB 2.0 1x Microphone 1x Headphone 1x Power button 1x RGB

Sharkoon TG4

Sharkoon TG4 is a Middle Tower case with a minimal and modern design (side and front panel in tempered glass); accommodates ATX, micro ATX and mini-ITX motherboards; inside, there is space for up to 6 storage units, two of which are 3.5 '' and four are 2.5 ''.

The case can hold GPUs up to 375mm long, CPU coolers up to to 160 mm and feeders up to 265 mm long. The package already includes 4 pre-installed 120mm LED fans (blue or red) (three on the front and one on the rear).

An I / O hub is located on the top panel that offers:

2x USB 3.0 1x Microphone 1x Headphone 1x Power button 1x Reset

Itek The Rock Evo

Itek is not a well-known brand public, but The Rock Evo is a product that deserves consideration. This is a very good value for money Middle Tower case, and is an interesting option for those who intend to assemble a gaming PC while saving a little on the case.

Itek The Rock Evo can accommodate motherboards ATX, micro ATX and mini ITX. There is space for up to 5 storage units inside, two of which are 3.5-inch and three are 2.5-inch.

The case accommodates video cards up to 360mm in length and CPU coolers up to a height of up to to 160 mm. The power supply compartment is located at the bottom.

It is possible to mount up to 6 120 mm fans, three of which on the front panel (or two 140 mm), two on the top (or two 140 mm mm) and one on the back (already included in the package). As for the liquid heatsinks, it is possible to insert one 280 mm on the front panel, one 140 mm on the top and one 120 mm on the back.

The case has a thick steel shell 0 , 6 mm, while the side panel is in tempered glass. The I / O hub features:

1x USB 3.0 2x USB 2.0 1x Microphone 1x Headphone 1x Power button 1x Reset 2x LED lights

Cooler Master MASTERBOX Q300L

Nice right? Cooler Master MASTERBOX Q300L is a case with a modern and refined design; is a 387 x 381 x 230 mm Mini Tower model that can accommodate micro ATX and mini-ITX cards. Inside, there is space for up to 3 memory units, one 3.5-inch and two 2.5-inch. The case accommodates GPUs up to 360mm long, CPU coolers up to 159mm high, and power supplies up to 160mm long.

In total, a maximum of 5 fans can be installed: two on the front panel ( 120/140 mm), one on the rear (120 mm) and two on the upper one (120 mm). The case comes with the classic pre-installed rear fan. It is possible to mount a 120 / 240mm liquid heatsink behind the front panel and a 120mm one on the rear panel.

The I / O hub is not located on the top side, but on the side (close to the acrylic side panel) and features:

2x USB 3.0 1x Microphone 1x Headphone 1x Power button

Cheap case: what to look for a good buy

The price. The purchase of an inexpensive house is linked to a simple reason: you try to save as much as possible to reinvest the money in the internal components. And that's okay, it's a correct strategy. For our part, we do our best to suggest the best models under 60 euros.

Form Factor

The cases are available in four sizes: Full Tower, Mid Tower, Mini Tower and Mini ITX . Full Tower cases are the most spacious models (they can accommodate E-ATX motherboards) and have a minimum height of about 55 cm. It is very difficult, if not impossible, to find cases of this type among the budget models.

Mid Tower cases are the most common and are often called ATX cases, as they can accommodate at most motherboards of the aforementioned format ; have a maximum height of about 45 cm. Mini Tower cases are just as common, and the micro ATX or mATX abbreviation is often found next to their name. Again, this refers to the larger size of the motherboards they can accommodate. Typically, these models are up to a maximum of 40cm tall, and are the same ones that are used for preassembled office PCs.

Finally there are the Mini ITX cases, also known as Small Form Factor (SFF) houses; they are the smallest and can reach a maximum height of 35 cm. These also include models intended for Raspberry, Intel's NUCs and, more generally, mini PCs.

Internal space

Generally, the internal space offered by a case it mostly depends on its form factor. That said, it's best to check the number of storage units, fans, and radiators that can be installed. Similar speech also for the CPU heatsink, the power supply and the video card. Obviously we report the above data for each model of our guide.

Secondary parameters

Build quality, materials used, power supply position and design are parameters that should not influence the purchase of a economical homes. After all, the goal is to save, so you also need to know how to turn a blind eye. The side panel will not be in tempered glass but in acrylic (or maybe there won't be at all), maybe a cable management compartment will be missing, maybe the power supply compartment will be placed at the top, and so on.

In short, compromises must be accepted. That said, some of the models proposed in this guide are indeed complete, and will satisfy even the needs of the most critical consumers.

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