10 modern horror games to recover

10 modern horror games to recover

Silent Hill Orphans? Perfect, there you are. Hungry for horror slammed left and right by one Abandoned speculation after another? We see you down there, welcome. Do you see jump scare seeing a light at the end of the tunnel called Dead Space Remake? Here you are, hello everyone, you may be wondering why we have gathered you here. Well, the intent of this ranking is to advise you which horror titles to recover while waiting for the new necromorphic creature by EA, in short, to provide you with an essential and bloody list of essential names, from which to draw to quench your thirst for cold sweats and curses, while we wait for Konami to make the fog descend again on the silent hill. Let's turn off the lights then, let the darkness fall, lock ... er, close the doors and make yourself comfortable. Thing? Nooo, what you hear is not the noise of a chainsaw, don't worry. Here are, in our opinion, the ten modern horror games to recover.

Until Dawn

A group of high schoolers gathers in a mountain chalet to commemorate the disappearance of two of them, which took place a year earlier in the same place. Okay, so the only scary thing is that it sounds like the synopsis of one of those horror-tinged episodes of Dawson's Creek, but we assure you that the night you spend in Blackwood Pines with the protagonists of Until Dawn will be truly distressing. >
The Supermassive Games title features gameplay in the wake of games like Heavy Rain and the adventures of the late Telltale, but with a charisma of its own. Your goal will be to get the most kids to see the sunrise but you will soon be caught up in quick time events, clues to recover and moral dilemmas. Much more complicated than the choice between Dawson and Pacey, trust me.

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard, a cheerful dinner at the Baker house New protagonist, new setting, old fear of all time. In Resident Evil 7 Biohazard you are called upon to play as Ethan Winters, a poor wretch who ends up in the clutches of the affable Baker family while searching for his wife ... not as dead as he thought.

The atmosphere is terrifying and the drastic change of view (now in first person) contributes to an immersion in the game never experienced before, amplified by the possibility of experiencing the adventure in virtual reality. in the Baker house that will even end up making us regret family lunches with our relatives

Alien Isolation

Alien: Isolation, can you hear the Xenomorph approaching? To persuade the producers to give the script a chance, "Alien" was introduced to them as "The Jaws in Space". We do not know if it was this business card that persuaded them, the fact is that the result was one of the most representative films in the history of science fiction cinema in horror sauce. Alien Isolation starts right from here, putting you in the suit of Amanda Ripley, in a first-person survival with a storyline disconnected and at the same time connected to Ridley Scott's film.

Shrewd, treacherous, ruthless, your enemy it will stalk relentlessly forcing you to hide and implement extreme solutions. No, it is not a call center that wants to offer you a new phone contract, we are talking about the cursed Xenomorph.

Resident Evil 2 Remake

Before we knew how good Resident Evil 2 would have been, l goddess of the remake was scarier than a zombie! The terror had already begun with the announcement of her: going to disturb what is perhaps the best episode of the Capcom saga to make a remake could appear as the most risky and gruesome of prospects. Resident Evil 2 Remake, however, shrugged off this danger as if it were an annoying zombie, firing a perfect shot at the atmosphere, one between the eyes of the technical sector and hitting the target even with an excellent dubbing in Italian. that looks to the past while looking to the future, in a truly unmissable mix of classic and modern gameplay.

The Evil Within

We challenge you not to escape the horrors of The Evil Within Despite the The name of the protagonist is Sebastian Castellanos, in The Evil Within you will not play a Latin American singer engaged in his new summer hit, but a detective struggling with a dark and evil entity.We understand your disappointment, but we think you can greatly comfort yourself with disturbing atmospheres that refer to the very first chapters of Silent Hill, gloomy scenarios and with the brutal violence that the series created by Shinji Mikami will be able to offer you.

In addition to the open confrontation and to the very dignified escape, you will be called to act in the shadows to lure enemies into a trap, for an intelligent combat system that is functional to your fight for survival.


Outlast has redefined the contemporary horror genre A nosy journalist who decides to investigate a psychiatric institution lost in the mountains and about which there is a lot of talk about stuff like experiments on human beings. to "go find it", throwing yourself into the darkness of gloomy and oppressive settings, albeit victims of excessive linearity.

In the sequel, your role will be that of a cameraman engaged in an investigation in the Arizona desert , for a title that pushes even more on the accelerator of violence and terror. From the saga you can therefore draw a great lesson: if in life they offer you a position as a reporter inve stigative, don't accept it.


Prey: a little immersive sim, a little horror "Who am I?" and "Where am I?" are the first questions you might ask yourself in the morning after an evening of revelry, instead they are the ones that whirl in the head of Morgan Yu, your alter ego in Prey. exploration, intelligence and relying only on your own abilities.Ah, a small detail: the station is infested with hostile aliens and abominations with extraordinary abominations, including taking the form of any furniture and furnishings of the station, and they seem to have like the only goal is to cut his skin, all seasoned with a constant sense of tension in the air.

Amnesia: Rebirth

With Amnesia, Frictional Games creates a horror with a great atmosphere Not too much different from Yu's is the situation of Tasi Trianon, a woman who, however, instead of regaining consciousness in an orbiting research station, does so in the middle of the Algerian desert after a plane crash. "What happened ?," Where are they all? ", the questions seem to be more or less the same and it will be up to us, sorry, to YOU ​​to help her answer them in Amnesia: Rebirth, slipping into the darkest recesses of a truly fascinating setting. things, the panic attacks from which the protagonist suffers and which cause visions not exactly based on rainbows and unicorns arrive.

After Penumbra, Amnesia the Dark Descent and Soma, the Swedish team confirms itself particularly in at ease in the survival horror field, packaging another adventure to be played strictly with the light off, headphones in the ears and a defibrillator by our side.

White Night

The artistic style of White Night is truly unique The first things that strike about White Night are undoubtedly its graphic style and its chromatic trait. The title is in fact made entirely in black and white, for a stylish effect that seems to put us at the controls of a sort of comic in motion.The charm of the 30s, an old and sinister mansion, enigmas, threats that lurk in the darkness , White Night is a continuous play of light and shadows, a feature that is also reflected in its strengths and weaknesses, with a balance fortunately in favor of the bright part.Maybe the debut work of the OSome Studio development team will not be the best in pure "fear" terms, but we are sure it will give you a few good hours in the company of anxiety and paranoia.


Despite the cliché of the abandoned house, Visage is a horror recover The protagonist does not have a name that is known to you, you will not be able to rely on devastating firearms and you will wander through the rooms of a mysterious house with objectives that are not always self-evident. In Visage it is a pleasure to feel supported, in short. The SadSquare Studio production is the restlessness made into a video game, even though it uses an expedient that is anything but unprecedented: the exploration of the environments of a house located who knows where.

It will be It is essential to allow the character, through whose eyes you will live the adventure, to keep his sanity avoiding him to remain in the dark for too long, therefore looking for sources of light or creating new ones. well ... no, nothing, act as if we haven't told you anything.

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