Batman Day: The best products available on Amazon

Batman Day: The best products available on Amazon

Batman Day

Amazon and DC team up to celebrate Batman Day, celebrated today 18 September, with a selection of the best products currently available and a dedicated page from which to purchase at least one product, from 00:01 on 2 August to 23:59 on August 31, you can receive a special delivery made directly by Batman himself (the initiative applies to the metropolitan city of Rome and is reserved for a limited number of customers who have purchased a product included in the page dedicated to the initiative).

Batman Day: the best products available on Amazon

Launch & Defend Remote controlled Batmobile from Spin Master Batman Deluxe, 30cm character Batman: Bat-Tech 30cm character LEGO Playset Movable Bat-base LEGO Playset Batman Hood LEGO Playset Batman vs. Joker: Batmobile Pursuit Batman: Titans of Cult - Limited Edition Steelbook (4K Ultra HD + Blu-Ray) Batman Hush (Blu-Ray) Batman Ninja (Blu-Ray) Batman Arkham Collection (PlayStation 4)

Launch & Defend RC Batmobile by Spin Master

The elegant 1:16 scale RC Launch and Defend Batmobile comes with an exclusive 10cm BATMAN figure in the box. The iconic Batmobile has an ejection seat that allows Batman to be thrown out of the cockpit, making him jump into action immediately. By simply pressing the button on the remote control, the cockpit opens and Batman is promptly thrown out of the vehicle. With the Batmobile Launch and Defend it is possible to whiz forward or backward and steer left and right with the intuitive dual joystick, in addition the Batmobile is equipped with a 2.4GHz remote control that allows you to drive the vehicle up to a distance of 75 meters. Thanks to the soft front bumper, children can have fun putting on the epic adventures of Batman.

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Batman Deluxe, 30cm character

The new Batman Rapid Change Belt with interchangeable 30cm belt and weapons. This deluxe character is packed with unique details. BATMAN is equipped with a special belt and a mechanism that allows you to change rotating weapons quickly. There are 3 different weapons: the Bat-claw, the Bat-torch and the Bat-gun, inserted in the multipurpose belt. Just press BATMAN's legs together to activate the weapon change mechanism automatically: the belt rotates and the weapon that is extracted lights up. Each weapon change will be accompanied by sounds. The character is represented in great detail, features a fabric cape and 11 points of articulation.

Batman: Bat-Tech 30cm figure

Batman comes into action with a new blue Tech armor. This 12-inch scale Batman figure features 11 points of articulation, a fabric cape and a detailed comic design to bring your favorite Batman characters to life. Thanks to the 11 points of articulation it is possible to move it and position it at will in heroic poses. Various characters to collect such as Batman, Robin, The Joker, Nightwing, The Riddler and many more (each sold separately).

LEGO Mobile Bat-Base Playset

Mr. Freeze, Man-Bat and Bronze Tiger are on the loose. The time has come to use all the vehicles, technologies and weapons available in the Mobile Bat Base. Run over land on your motorcycle and then over water aboard a jet ski. Soar through the sky on the Batjet and board the BatQuad as soon as you land. Join Nightwing to catch the bad guys and lock them up in the prison on board, but be careful: they will certainly try to escape by causing an explosion.

LEGO Playset Batman Hood

The Batman Hood will deliver a great building experience that will make you fly with your imagination to GOTHAM CITY. This LEGO reproduction of the hood worn by the Masked Police Officer will attract the attention and admiration of all wherever it is displayed. With the transparent bricks representing the face and the elegant nameplate fixed on the solid base, this model ensures an optimal building experience.

LEGO Playset Batman vs. Joker: Batmobile Chase

This LEGO 4+ set allows young superheroes to enter a world of creative construction with endless hours of fun. A special automotive frame with Starter Brick helps the little ones to assemble the Batmobile themselves. The included guide, simple and clear, also explains how to make the toy and use it to the fullest. To make building even more fun, the free LEGO Building Instructions app provides digital Instructions PLUS, which allow kids to zoom, rotate and view their playset as they build.

Batman: Titans of Cult - Limited Edition Steelbook (4K Ultra HD + Blu-Ray)

Jack Nicholson is Joker, who later a horrible accident has turned into a mad criminal. Michael Keaton is Batman, who has become a masked vigilante following a childhood trauma. Kim Basinger is Vicky Vale the talented photojournalist they both want. The film, which won an Academy Award for Best Production Design (Anton Furst and Peter Young), is Batman, the incredible show directed by Tim Burton, with Prince songs and the soundtrack of Danny Elfman. This edition includes: Batman movie in 4K Ultra HD and Blu-Ray, Joker Card, a metal pin, Collectible Steelbook.

Batman Hush (Blu-Ray)

A new mysterious criminal uses Catwoman, the Riddler, Ra's al Ghul and many other enemies and allies of Batman as pawns in a game to create chaos in the life of the masked superhero.

Batman Ninja (Blu-Ray)

Batman, along with his allies, finds himself catapulted from modern Gotham to feudal Japan. Here he will face a new challenge against one of his most fearsome opponents, the Joker.

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Batman Arkham Collection (PlayStation 4)

Batman: Arkham Collection is the definitive version of the Rocksteady Arkham trilogy and is a complete collection that includes all released content after the game is released. Experience the adventure presented by two of the latest generation of acclaimed titles - Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City, completely remastered and with new graphics. Complete your gameplay experience with the trilogy’s explosive finale in Batman: Arkham Knight. Take on the role of Batman and use a vast array of gadgets and skills to take on Gotham City's most dangerous criminals and fight the ultimate threat looming over the city.

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