YouTube deleted over 2 million channels and 51 million scam videos

YouTube deleted over 2 million channels and 51 million scam videos
Google has often been accused of not paying the necessary attention to the moderation of video content or comments posted on its YouTube platform. In fact, among videos, channels and comments, it is possible to run into various scam attempts related to cryptocurrencies, malware and hate comments of various kinds.

The platform seems to have taken these accusations very seriously, so much so that decided to take action. In a recently published report, YouTube announced it had removed 1.975 million channels in the first quarter of 2020 alone. The number of videos deleted from the platform comes to an almost staggering 51 million, and the platform is keen to point out that they have been removed. quickly before they are released. In fact, among the removed videos we find:

49% with 0 views 27.4% between 1 and 10 views 22.7% more than 10 views The closed channels have been found guilty of several violations of the code of conduct of the platform, with 87.5% of them linked to spam activities of various kinds. The iconographies created by Atlas VPN help us better understand the report on the activity of the most famous video hosting site in the world. The countries most affected by these illegal activities are, in order, the United States, India, Brazil, Indonesia and South Korea.

But that's not all: in recent months, 693.58 million comments have been deleted for similar reasons, of which 99.6% were identified by the YouTube algorithm which greatly automated the search work. The interesting thing, as HackRead reports, is that this number excludes all comments that are automatically removed due to deleting a video, closing an account or deactivating the YouTube comments section. These cancellations can also be attributed to several reasons, as illustrated below:

Google has declared open war to the scam, choosing to protect its platform from activities that could endanger the millions of users that every day you connect to YouTube.

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