PS5 and DualSense in production, confirmations from the web

PS5 and DualSense in production, confirmations from the web
While it has never been officially declared, Sony has hinted several times that PS5 production has already kicked off and is proceeding smoothly. Now, a few months after the launch of the next generation Japanese console, several confirmations on the production issue are appearing on the net. We are not just talking about the console, but also about the revolutionary new DualSense controller.

The new information is spreading by the Twitter account of Galaxy666, which previously published four photos taken at DualSense; revealing some news, and then wanted to confirm the advanced state of PS5 production. According to what has been stated, the console is one step away from showing itself in its final format, and after that it will be sent to some third-party teams for further advice.

hands on # PS5 controller # Dualsense5, just got a short test on it. The battery capacity is 1560mA, much more than the PS4 one.

- Galaxy666 (@ Galaxyrain666) August 12, 2020

Switching to DualSense, Galaxy666 has made it known that he managed to get his hands on one of the PS5 controllers, revealing new information and having its say on the characteristics of the hardware. “I got to try DualSense. The battery capacity is 1560mAh, much higher than that of PS4. The shape of the pad makes it much more comfortable than the DualShock 4, you won't be disappointed. Feedback is magical. The internal structure of the mechanical triggers appears to be very complex. "

While there are still different information on the PS5 as a launch date and the price of the console, these acknowledgements appeared on the web seem to think that the production is proceeding without a stop. What do you think of the latest statements published on Twitter? You expect Sony announcements soon some news that pertain to their own next-generation console?

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