Xbox Series X: the console is shown live with new photos

Xbox Series X: the console is shown live with new photos
About three months after the launch of the next generation consoles, there is certain information that both Microsft and Sony are still deliberately concealing. Unfortunately this year we haven't had the opportunity to see Xbox Series X and PS5 very often, beyond rendering within digital events. Apparently, however, during the current XPERION in Cologne the next gen console from Microsoft is on display in plain sight.

An Xbox Series X model is currently on display inside a display case located in a sales point of the Saturn chain in Germany. Anyone is free to take photos on the Microsoft console, and some of them were promptly posted online. Thanks to these shots it is now possible to better notice both the dimensions and the proportions of the next gen console dropped outside of digital renderings.

Bei uns im #xperion_saturn steht eine der allerersten ausgestellten @Xbox Series X! 😎

Ab dem 17.08.2020 öffnen wir unsere Türen, dann kannst auch du sie live vor Ort sehen 🤫👀 @XboxDACH @MicrosoftDE #xperion #saturn #xboxseriesx #xbox #Microsoft

- XPERION die Saturn E-Arena (@xperion_saturn) August 6, 2020

These images do not offer anything new and do not highlight information that has not already been revealed by Microsoft over the past few months. We still do not know many things about the next gen, such as: a better specified launch date, the line up of games that will accompany the release of the console and obviously the information most awaited by fans; the price .

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