Windows 10: Patch Tuesday August 2020, the news

Windows 10: Patch Tuesday August 2020, the news
The release of Windows 10 Patch Tuesday for August 2020 is starting. It doesn't matter if you are on vacation or still nailed to your desk for work: the important thing is to install the update as soon as possible, without postponing or wasting time. Microsoft has included fixes for 120 vulnerabilities, two of which are zero-day.

Windows 10: August 2020 Patch Tuesday to be downloaded

According to researchers by Kaspersky, one of these (CVE-2020-1380) has already been forced by attackers to execute code remotely by passing through a flaw found in the Internet Explorer scripting engine. It is still used today for rendering Web pages inside documents in software such as Word.

The other (CVE-2020-1464) instead directly concerns the operating system and the procedure used for validating the file allowing you to bypass security features leading to the opening or execution of malicious content. It is not known whether anyone has already been able to exploit it or not.

The 120 corrected vulnerabilities refer to 13 different Microsoft products: from problems found in the Windows 10 code to Edge browser, from the Remote Desktop Gateway to the Office / M365 package applications.

For those who have installed the May 2020 Update, the update appears as KB4566782 bringing the operating system to build 19041.450. The hope is that in addition to solving the flaws in question, the package will not introduce bugs as has happened several times in the last period, particularly in recent months.

Source: ZDNet

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