Xbox Series X release date revealed from white controller box

Xbox Series X release date revealed from white controller box
The Xbox Series X release date is set for November 6th, according to the information on the box of the new white Xbox controller, which should be marketed at the same time as Microsoft's new consoles.

We know for sure that Xbox Series X will be available in November, but the Redmond company has still indicated a specific day, which can however be read on a sticker applied to the controller packaging.

We are of course talking about the controller that gave the confirmation of the existence of Xbox Series S, which appeared on the net a few days ago as part of a leak that continued to expand over the course of hours.

Below the tweet of Tom Warren with the indication of the date of launch of Xbox Series X, in fact, you will also find a new video with a quick unboxing of the controller.

Of course, the news of the release is not official and should be taken as such, even if we bet it will not go too far bit from the truth. Pending a new announcement from Microsoft, therefore, the release of Xbox Series X is scheduled for the month of November.

Xbox Series X may launch on November 6th. A tipster tells me boxes of the new controllers have a do not open date of November 6th on them. These controllers leaked earlier this week

- Tom Warren (@tomwarren) August 11, 2020 this new Xbox controller is leaking all over Chicago 🤔 https : //

- Tom Warren (@tomwarren) August 10, 2020 Source # 1 Source # 2

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