Venom, from Hasbro come the new Marvel Legends

Venom, from Hasbro come the new Marvel Legends
Are you ready to have the action figures of your favorite characters "venomized"? No? Well, Hasbro has already thought about it with its new Venom-themed wave for the Marvel Legends Series line! Of the six releases, all taken from various works from the Marvel world, five will give you the opportunity to also build the colossal Venom-Pool, distributed in pieces in each package.


This version by Venom is based on the 2018 film of the same name starring Tom Hardy. Included in the package, in addition to the figures, we will find an alternative head with closed teeth and interchangeable hands with closed fists.

Venom is available for purchase online


Carnage is one of the many enemies of Spider-Man, born of the Symbiote Venom. The figure is from the Marvel Comics and in addition to the figure contains an alternate head and Venompool's head.

Carnage is available for purchase online


When Venom joins Gwen Stacy gives rise to the character of Ghost-Spider. The figure, which recalls the female lines of Spider-Gwen, includes the torso and swords of the colossal Venompool.

Ghost Spider is available for purchase online

Miles Morales

his acquaintance thanks to the movie Spider-Man: A New Universe but Miles Morales has been in the hearts of fans for several years. Its venomized version includes, in addition to the main figure, an arm and a fist for the Build-a-figure version of Venompool.

Miles Morales is available for purchase online.


Morbius will be one of Sony's upcoming stand alone films starring Jared Leto. In any case, the figure seems inspired by the world of comics and although it is the only one not contaminated by Venom, it will contain an interchangeable arm and hand for the modular Venompool figure.

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