Valorant two months after launch

Valorant two months after launch


It's always nice to shoot New ways to have fun Certainties and Doubts Two months have passed since Valorant's review and in this time Riot does not seem to have been able to correctly balance its agents yet. Viper remains the least used character ever in the competitive arena (we are talking about about 0.6% of pick rate) while, despite the repeated nerfs, Sage and Raze continue to be omnipresent at almost all levels. On the other hand, the ability to heal and put a fallen comrade back into play or have rockets and bombs in such quantities as to be able to stop an entire team for several seconds are hardly replaceable utilities, especially when the other agents have an interchangeable value when speaking. of skills to remove sight and collect information. In recent months there has also been a lot of rumors about the management of ranked ranks, not exactly transparent in the assignment, and especially in the subtraction, of the points at the end of each match. In short, there were several things to fix and now that the huge patch of act 2 has arrived, it's right to go back to the game servers to take stock of the situation. How has Valorant evolved?

Is always a beautiful shoot

The gunplay in the last few months has really changed very little, and almost all the weapons are shot and used in the same way as on day one. Has there been any change to the Guardian, but to lord it remains, however, and the Phantom Vandal, with the Operator a real diamond when your wallets bursting with credits. Riot, as we said at the beginning, has tried to introduce some edit operators are less commonly used, but poor results. To mix the cards in the next few months, then you may think of the new graft Killjoy , agent, from the grand potential at the moment, not yet fully expressed. During the presentation a few weeks ago, it was thought that Killjoy was really too powerful, given the ability to place drones-explosive, to slow down and disarm opponents thanks to his ultimate and could use swarms of drones to damage the other agents. Fortunately, the skills are not so devastating and will become less and less effective when the players will start to know how to play against and will be able to locate you more quickly. Let's say, however, that the turret is probably one of the diversions, the best of all the game, seen that can not be ignored, and that, thanks to the blows tracers indicates the direction of the target allowing a cross-fire, while the final skill alone to be able to win a round if placed and made to detonate at the right time. Hard to say but at the moment if Killjoy will be used in place of the Cypher or the Sova in the roster competitive, with a role that is better suited to do a cover to the team instead of being a first line or a collector of information.

To get Killjoy, however, you will need to always resort to the activation of his / her contract for an amount of experience points certainly not lightweight. Let's say that in relation to the game time required to unlock it, if you are interested in the kit, a little thought on the 1000 Valorant Point you might as well let us, considering that otherwise there is the risk of getting it in a couple of weeks at least. The boost relative to the experience points of the missions weekly is, in fact, been greatly reduced and now each weekly completed (or at least those present in this first week) are nailed to 5000 experience points as a reward in front of 15000 given in the previous act. Unchanged instead the rewards for the daily quests. At this point, however, if the values of experience points you will keep in on this content you will have to do the math in case you want to purchase a new Pass Battle as, inevitably, you will have to devote many more hours to the game compared to the first to complete all fifty levels present.

New ways to have fun

The rewards of the Pass, the Battle must obviously be to taste, but this Act 2 does not seem to meet your expectations and offers three sets of different skins and a lot imaginative. The first draws from alien forms to weapons almost organic to futuristic shooting game, the second set leans to the classic tattoos and drawings low poly animals, giving us weapons from the splendid colours, and undoubtedly beautiful to look at, while the third back on the lines are classic, the colors red and white. We find a skin for Ares, Spectre, Guardian, Sheriff, and also the Operator and Vandal, all weapons used very frequently in the games, with the rewards of the final dedicated as usual to be a weapon from body to body and the Shorty, shotgun of dubious utility to the pistol and round.

Always in our review we criticized the lack of a few extra modes to keep warm, and the only Spike-Rush there was to lose the head. Riot with this update, then decided to introduce the deathmatch, putting us in the game with infinite money, armor to maximum and turning off all of the skills of the Agents. What emerges is a clash hectic where the campsite is extremely difficult to do given the continuous respawn of enemies and a minimap on which are regularly reported on the positions of the opponents. Seems to short to play hardcore Call of Duty but with a UAV always active above the head. It is a mode of intentionally "boisterous" of the duration of about 5 minutes, not very challenging but it does a good job. The decision, however, remove any and all prize mission from this mode and to recognize the players with only 500 experience points we liked and rema in the direction of unique want to increase the time of the game to get rewards on the Valorant.

we Come finally to the question the most prickly, or the classified . Valorant adopts a system of rank highly punitive, where it takes very little to get off and extremely difficult to climb. The whole thing was clearly inherited from the Counter Strike, forgetting that a model is better, and more light was already present on the League of Legends . There are still scores transparent to let you understand what point you are within the rank of the arrows as the final evaluation of the game that will not reveal exactly how much you have climbed or dropped and how your actions have influenced in some detail on this score. There are still some serious penalty for the leaver or afk and, above all, much more serious, there is a system to remake or not to penalties for a person who is forced to play four against five, since the beginning of the match competitive. A system in which today cannot be considered complete yet.

The Act 2 of Valorant brings good things, surely, as the agent Killjoy, which is a nice introduction, as the Deathmatch mode by the time required and improvements to the system of rank that repair but does not straighten up at all one of the pillars of this shooter. The evolution of the tactical shooter Riot continues, and the title remains an excellent production in this type of market, but after two months since launch and with the experience already gained on the League of Legends, we were expecting to see major steps forward.


Killjoy has a good skill set New free mode Improvements to the ranking system of


Some agents still completely out of the meta... ...while others are too high in the ranking System it is still not satisfactory

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