The Other History of the DC Universe - John Ridley's series with an all-Italian team

The Other History of the DC Universe - John Ridley's series with an all-Italian team
Not only agitation, layoffs and closures in the DC house, which we reported to you this morning with the first official statements of the publisher Jim Lee, but also some welcome - and frankly unexpected return - such as that of The Other History of the DC Universe of the screenwriter John Ridley, Oscar winner for 12 Years a Slave.

The series was originally announced in 2018 but a series of editorial and not only unfavorable circumstances have kept it locked in a drawer until today. The Other History of the DC Universe will be a 5-issue miniseries starting on November 24 in the United States and its premises are very ambitious: to tell the story of the DC Universe, and therefore some of its most important moments, through the eyes. and the voice of some characters belonging to ethnic or sexual minorities. The protagonists will then be Jefferson Pierce (Black Lightning) and his daughter Anissa (Thunder), Mal Duncan (Herald) and his wife, Karen Beecher (Bumblebee), Renee Montoya (The Question) and Tatsu Yamashiro (Katana).

To accompany John Ridley in this new incarnation of The Other History of the DC Universe there will be an all - or almost Italian - team composed of Giuseppe Camuncoli and Andrea Cucchi on the drawings, Marco Mastrazzo on the covers. The three Italians will then be accompanied by the colorist José Villarubia and Jamal Campbell always on the covers.

Interview from THR, Ridley explained the difficult process behind the creation of the series which was inspired by the legendary History of the DC Universe - a book that accompanied the publication of the seminal Crisis on Infinite Earths chronologically retracing the events of the DC Universe.

Ridley explained that the idea is to tell the story of these events in a different way and with a point of view that is relevant today more than ever, to all those minorities that must have never had a large representation in the comics.

From the stylistic point of view, the author says it is difficult to categorize The Other History of the DC Universe that will have the pages in prose, the other accompanied by illustrations full-page and other plates more traditionally structured like a comic book.

his approach he said Ridley was to review the major events and the history of some of these characters, and take a tangent: one side of them so that they are as relevant today, and on the other to show a route made up of events and consequences on them by narrowing the scenario.

you Can purchase the new edition by DC Sandwiches in the Italy of the Crisis on Infinite Earths by clicking HERE.

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