The Last of Us 2: Realism Mode unlocks a secret reward

The Last of Us 2: Realism Mode unlocks a secret reward
The Last of Us 2, the most recent game released by Naughy Dog (also authors of the Uncharted series), proved to be a great success. In a few days it sold 4 million copies, convincing audiences and critics alike. While no DLC or expansions are planned (as far as we know, at least), the development team has introduced some new features. Of course, we're talking about the recent Realism Mode, complete with a permadeath option.

Completing the entire The Last of Us 2 in Realism Mode isn't easy at all, of course. For this reason (we assume) Naughty Dog wanted to introduce a secret reward. What are we talking about? Of a song.

But let's take a few steps back and start from the beginning (literally). In the first phase of The Last of Us 2 we take control of Joel: the man proposes to the girl to learn to play the guitar (as he promised in the first chapter) and he performs briefly, stopping for embarrassment.

Good: if you complete the game in Realism mode, you will be able to hear this song, in full format, during the credits. It was reported by a Twitter user: you can listen to the song below, in the video.

Beat # TLOU2 on grounded, hear Joel sing full version of Future Days! @TLOUstrategist @arnemeyer @BadData_ # PS4share

- Michael ▪️◾️◼️ (@ BeingHuman1993) August 19, 2020

The track you have hearing is Pearl Jam's Future Days. According to reports from other Twitter users, it also seems that completing the game in Permadeath mode (at any difficulty) unlocks the song "Through the Valley", which fans will remember from the very first presentation trailer for The Last of Us 2, sung by Ellie.

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