The best Funko POP! of Star Wars

The best Funko POP! of Star Wars
Funko POP! there are so many of Star Wars, starting from A New Hope to the last chapter of the saga The Rise of Skywalker, passing through the TV series including The Mandalorian, broadcast on Disney +. The peculiarity of these Funko POP! it is their unmistakable pedestal, on which there is the writing "Star Wars", making them truly unique in their kind; moreover, together with the Marvel ones, they are the only ones to be “bobble-head”, that is with the “swaying” head. It is really difficult to choose one, so we want to recommend some of those that, in our opinion, cannot be missing in the collection of a Star Wars fan.

Funko POP! by Star Wars

Boba Fett (Life Size) The Child Training Luke with Yoda The Mandalorian on Blurg Movie Moments - Escape Pod Landing R2-D2 Movie Moments - Darth Vader & Obi WAN Kenobi Death Star Duel Dark Rey Han Solo (Carbonite ) Darth Vader BB-8

Boba Fett (Life Size)

There are some special Funko POP! called "lifesize", or larger than normal, more than double. This particular edition of Boba Fett is part of this category and features a particular black armor, which makes it really very special. According to rumors, it seems that the character of Boba Fett will appear in the next season of The Mandalorian.

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The Child

The Mandalorian is a product that has met with incredible success all over the globe and it can be said that, in part, it is also thanks to this little one, known in the series as "The Child" (the child) . Fans have decided to rename him Baby Yoda, given his belonging to the same race as the legendary Jedi master. If you loved the series on Disney +, you certainly can't miss this cute Funko POP!

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Training Luke with Yoda

The Empire Strikes back, our Luke Skywalker thanks to the ghost of Obi-Wan Kenobi , makes the acquaintance of the jedi master Yoda , who has the task of completing his training by the Jedi on the planet Dagobah. During this training, the protagonist you will see the “forced” to carry the elder master in the shoulder, just as you can see in this beautiful Funko POP!

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The Mandalorian on Blurg

One of the scenes the most fun of The Mandalorian is definitely the "rodeo" in which the protagonist tries to tame a Blurg on the Arvala-7. After countless tests, thanks also to the help of Kuiil , our hero will finally tame the creature and ride it towards its goal. If you want to keep in your collection an iconic moment of the series, this Funko POP! is for you!

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Movie Moments – Escape Pod Landing

"That carognetta from faulty operation. It is all his fault. Convinced me with the cheat to come from this part, but there is not the will get better.”

An angry D-3Bo says to C1-P8 (these are the two names of the Italian localization) just landed on Tatooine , after they fled on a shell you save. This particular model of Funko POP! is known as a “Movie Moment” and is, literally, a particular moment in a film; a piece not to be absolutely run away!

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If, however, you have little space and you can hold a droid in the house, here for you the beautiful Funko POP! of R2-D2. Of course, not move and it will make sounds as the original, but it certainly is a good compromise if you are a fan of robots of the Star Wars saga.

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Movie Moments – Darth Vader & Obi WAN Kenobi Death Star Duel

"I was waiting for You, Obi-Wan. We meet again, finally. Now the circle is complete. When I left you I was but a disciple, now I am the master!”. Any fan excited the first time you saw this iconic scene and this Movie Moment to bring out those emotions. The epic confrontation between master and former student passed to the dark side can be and now your in this version Funko POP!

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Dark Rey

In the last film, The Ascent Of Skywalker, the protagonist has a brief vision in which she sees herself give in to the dark side and become a Sith. In this distorted view of Rey, the girl is holding even a laser sword double, made iconic by another sith: Darth Maul. If you, like Rey, have you succumbed to the dark side of the force, this Funko POP! you are!

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Han solo (Carbonite)

If you do not want to end up imprisoned in carbonite like Han solo at the end of The Empire Strikes back , you should not go into debt with the evil Jabba The Hutt, or might send you on your tracks some bounty hunter greedy of money! This beautiful Funko POP!, put on the market for the next forty years of the film, it can certainly be missing in the collection of a fan of Star Wars.

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Darth Vader

the Funko POP! Darth Vader, there is an infinity of variants, but the one that we recommend is rather particular: it represents, in fact, the precise moment in which the evil Emperor electrocutes the victim to Anakin Skywalker , intent to protect her son during the final battle in Return Of The Jedi.

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If R2-D2 and C-3PO were the droids representative of the original esalogia, you can say the same for BB-8, the newcomer to the movie the Awakening Of The Force together with the heroine, Rey. Will not roll as in the film of Disney, but it sure will make her look good displayed in your collection.

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