The Batman - the movies and comics that inspired Matt Reeves

The Batman - the movies and comics that inspired Matt Reeves
It took only about 140 seconds to inflame fans around the world on Saturday night when Matt Reeves showed the first teaser trailer of his The Batman which, thanks to the exchange of final lines between the unfortunate hooligan and the Dark Knight, And who the hell are you supposed to be? / I am vengeance, has reignited batmania worldwide by spasmodically increasing expectations and anticipation for the film that does not yet have an official release date other than a generic October 2021 and whose shooting is still suspended due to the health emergency caused by the Coronavirus epidemic.

As we all know, the panel dedicated to The Batman closed the first day of the DC FanDome and with the attention monopolized by the trailer, some important ones may have escaped details that Matt Reeves himself revealed. Specifically, the director spoke openly about the sources of cinematographic and comic inspiration that influenced the film.

The Batman - cinematic return to the ... 70s

Matt Reeves has repeatedly stressed how one of the central themes of the film will be corruption. In fact, in The Batman he has been operating in Gotham City for a year and has to struggle with rampant corruption not only within the Police Department but apparently up to the highest levels of the city.

In this sense the director pointed out, once again, how the film will be primarily a detective story: there is a detective, Batman, in a world of corrupt cops trying to solve a case. The approach will be realistic in this sense because Batman will not have super-powers but "only" a super-conviction and super-determination.

This is why Reeves cited 3 great crime classics from the 70s.

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