The Batman: in the trailer also the Court of Owls?

The Batman: in the trailer also the Court of Owls?
The first teaser trailer of The Batman, the new cinematic adaptation of the hooded crusader directed by Matt Reeves, was shown at DC Fandome, in which several things were shown, including some messages left by the Riddler, a well-known enemy of Batman, which seem , however, open the way to the mysterious and terrible Court of Owls.

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The trailer for The Batman has certainly put the spotlight on Paul Dano's version of Edward Nygma, aka the Riddler, who appears to be targeting Batman with a series of handwritten tickets and a trail of corpses on the streets of Gotham. While what you see in the trailer is certainly terrifying enough on its own, some clues could suggest the existence of a much more dangerous organization working in the shadows: the Court of Owls.

According to some fan theories, the note that is found on the corpse at the beginning of the video, depicting an owl, in fact, combined with the costume of the Riddler himself, could suggest that the reason for the crusade of the character played by Paul Dano against of Batman, is inherent precisely to the mysterious organization.

For the uninitiated, the Court of Owls is an organized crime syndicate, which has existed in Gotham City for a very long time and which has operated as a prolific secret society in the city since the 1600s. The group trains its killers (who are none other than children kidnapped from the circus) to commit various crimes and ideologically and physically reshape Gotham in their image. The group only made its comic debut ten years ago, but had already been considered for both a story arc in the Gotham series, and the upcoming video game Gotham Knights.

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