Tenet: More details emerge about Kenneth Branagh's role

Tenet: More details emerge about Kenneth Branagh's role
Kenneth Branagh, the actor who plays the hitherto unnamed but "terrifying" villain on Tenet, described director Christopher Nolan's latest effort as a "huge, action-packed blockbuster" that belittles their previous collaboration with Dunkirk. br>
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In the sci-fi espionage thriller, Branaugh plays a Russian oligarch who clashes with the Protagonist (John David Washington), a sort as a secret agent in charge of preventing what one character, Clémence Poésy, claims to be World War III. In an interview with The Irish Times, Branagh admitted that Tenet sometimes left him with many questions about "what the hell was going on", saying he read Nolan's script more times than any other project in his career. almost 40 years old:

“He's a lot worse than any other character I've played. Christopher studied this part a lot, he knew what I had done before and which aspects of my acting weren't right. He kept telling me, do you know this guy is extremely evil? At the end on the last day of shooting he said to me, do you know I kept telling you about the evil of your character? You did great ".

The actor then added some more details about the screenplay:

" The sense of climb here, even on the pages, is something never seen before. It sounds like explosive entertainment, but there is so much more. With Dunkirk, I was aware of my character's relatively small storyline, but everything is different here. "

Tenet was described by the Warner Bros. production studio as a sci-fi action film with an international cast, but Branagh added:

“Tenet weaves together so many characters in so many countries and layers of texture that each of them has its own meaning. The presumption is really bold. It is one of those things that is almost unique to Chris Nolan. It is a huge blockbuster full of action that reads like a good movie with a very intellectual”.

Recently, the actor John David Washington had revealed some details about the new film and told a story of his anger for the continual postponements of the output . Recall that, in fact, Tenet had to get to the cinema on the 17th of July, but now will be released internationally in 70 territories (including Italy) on the 26th of August, and in u.s. movie theaters on September 3 .

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