Ubisoft was aware of the abuse and bullies inside, for Jason Schreier

Ubisoft was aware of the abuse and bullies inside, for Jason Schreier
The new investigation by Jason Schreier, the colleague who has now moved to Bloomberg, uncovers a real Pandora's box. According to a survey conducted among more than 40 employees, Ubisoft was well aware of the abuses and bullying behavior of some of his employees, but often turned a blind eye and gave giggles to the victims to protect his Golden Boy, Serge Hascoët, and the his magic circle.

Chief Creative Officier Hascoët is the most recurrent name in Schreier's piece and the man around whose choices and behaviors this strand of the #metoo movement focuses. A movement that has prompted many people within Ubisoft to release their discontent, after their complaints were unheard by an if not complicit, at least conniving, Human Resources department.

say that, while waiting for this investigation to be confirmed, Ubisoft has already taken several countermeasures and others, through the mouth of the CEO Yves Guillemot, will be taken. Several top-level executives have been fired, but what emerges is that these are actions that came too late, as the problem has long been known in the company.

Serge Hascoët and his team are described as untouchable , also because of the friendship with the Guillemot family, which still holds 21% of the company. It seems that the chief of creatives loved having subordinate women and surrounded himself with collaborators with predatory attitudes that made the working environment difficult for women, but not only. This working group was defined as a sort of brotherhood at the Animal House, which heavily targeted all those who were not part of it.

As if this were not enough, the people who had the strength to report these behaviors were not being listened to and when it happened they were given a $ 200 coupon as a sop.

After done add a protagonist to Assassin's Creed Odyssey because women don't sell , the star of Serge Hascoët was blurring, more from the failures of Tom Clancy's The Division 2 and Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint and the "cookie cutter" to make the games Ubisoft as a demotion for the constant complaints from co-workers.

A situation that Ubisoft had decided to solve by promoting the seven vice-presidents -all men - to lighten the load of work of Serge Hascoët, allowing it to perform at its best. Among these there were also Maxime Béland and Tommy François , the two figures repeatedly accused of inappropriate behavior, such as fights, screams and approaches the sexual aggressive.

All of this until these news didn't become public and the image of the family company, Ubisoft has finally cracked under the weight of these accusations. That, even if they were confirmed, probably will not affect the sales of Ubisoft, but will leave an indelible mark on the perception that people have of the company.


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