Surgeon Simulator 2, the proven

Surgeon Simulator 2, the proven


Success comes from word of mouth One hand to save the world Certainties and Doubts Sometimes it takes very little to unleash the gamers. The right idea at the right time often manages to be the spark ready to explode the success of a title: only a few days ago we experienced it on our skin with Fall Guys, a simple game that makes physics and laughter two gods his workhorses. Leaving aside the more competitive aspect, a few years ago a title appeared on PC that had the same identical pillars: we are obviously talking about Surgeon Simulator, a bizarre game, an original idea able to entertain not so much for the so sought-after gameplay or precise game mechanics, as well as for the absurd situations in which the new doctors found themselves precisely because of the total lack of the aforementioned precision. In short, a game where the surgeons were careless, rude, crazy and, despite this, they still managed to bring home excellent results, saving unsuspecting patients. Last weekend the opportunity to try the sequel, Surgeon Simulator 2, which promises to let us taste all the ignorance of the first chapter, obviously adding new ingredients to the recipe, appeared on the Epic Games Store. Did he really feel the need?

The success comes from word-of-mouth

chapter of the original Surgeon Simulator owes a large part of his fortune to the thrust of the influencer, with a buzz and an aura of magnificence around the title that have made a reputation grow, perhaps without even these great merits. The players, however, have been entertained, have started to create a mod changing the experience and the product is there perfection to the need to try something just to pass the time while having fun, without the textures, inspired, or profound messages hidden in the lore of the game. Why, then, want to propose a second act of something that has worked so well and that, in a small way, has carved out a space in the olympus of the videogames? What added could justify a new chapter? The answer comes in the not-too-unexpectedly with the revelation of a structure based this time on the four-player cooperative mode , riding so the approval obtained from the securities as Overcooked .

of Course, in Surgeon Simulator 2-the game system is significantly different, since we're talking about a title in the first person, but the idea of having to work taking advantage of small environmental puzzles or having to pass medical instruments quickly to speed up the operations, perhaps avoiding the patient dies bled to death between the hands, seem to be on the paper reasons that are valid to justify the addition. After a few hours of play the feeling that there remained, however, is to get your hands on a add-on full-bodied rather than a true revolution. In the case where there approcciaste for the first time, to the intellectual property you will be welcomed in a satisfactory manner through a tutorial that will explain the basics to cut the arts to patients, to replace the organs and try to become the best surgeon of the district. The mechanical, as we said earlier, are extremely simple and all you have to do is simply carry out l' operation-ready, thereby avoiding that the patient throws pops its clogs due to your.

The fun part of the process will be of course the methods a little unorthodox, being able to literally tear bare hands, bodies and chest to go then replace gently the lungs sick, for example, or again, take the scalpel and hacksaw and cut off the head and replace it with a correctly working. As you have understood the tone of the whole game is really far from the realism and you find yourself immersed in an atmosphere closer to that of Theme Hospital, where the hilarity of the is always from the master. The chaos, however, will emerge during the operations is part of that unpredictability that makes each unique game Surgeon Simulator 2.

One hand to save the world

The game is based on the carelessness, and the commands to control your single arm available are far from immediate. You can lengthen and shorten the limb, rotate the hand at three hundred and sixty degrees (more or less) and grab any object at your fingertips, from the most simple siringoni the fuses to open doors. As we said, the new environmental puzzles amplify the size of the title but are just as fun and successful as the operations. If, in fact, make a daring a saw while cutting a limb - because of the very low precision of the controls - it creates absurd situations, and funny, when the mechanism is transported in the collection of objects, or the simple pressure of the buttons, the fun quickly turns to frustration. With training and the greatest attitude, the problem could be surpassed but be prepared, however, to crash against a wall during your hours of the game, especially if you are a novice to the series. There are some more news that is in line with the current logic of the market: in the menu, you see a sort of season pass, with rewards based on the operations completed, thanks to which you receive as a reward aesthetic elements to customize your alter ego, from clothes to the simplest hats to show off online, and it is integrated in the game creation mode to customize the levels and share with the community, maybe going to re-create some of the ideas most bizarre came to mind players with the first Surgeon Simulator. In a few weeks we will have the final verdict!

Surgeon Simulator 2 expands and amplifies the formula of the chapter's original by transforming the experience of the single player of 2013 in a coop game to four players. Although the title is fully playable by yourself, for obvious reasons, use them in the company of three other friends is the wisest choice, given that the various operations are designed closely to be resolved by more doctors at the same time. You are also able to navigate outside of the operating room, solving small environmental puzzles and finding new ways to save lives to unfortunate patients. Bossa Studios decides to follow the fashions of the time, trying to freshen up a title that had already said it all in his time, risking a second master stroke, which may also disappoint the expectations, in the absence of the surprise effect of the first chapter. In short, always on these pages, the full review.


The same madness of the first chapter of the Coop up to four players New environmental puzzles


The idea is the same as seven years ago, will breach again?

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