From the National Innovation Fund comes 8 million euros for startups

From the National Innovation Fund comes 8 million euros for startups

The money is to support 50 innovative startups engaged in post-Covid relaunch as part of the AccelerOra program

(Getty Images) With the aim of supporting young Italian companies committed to tackling the difficult post-Covid recovery Covid, the CDP Venture Capital Sgr - National Innovation Fund (Fni), has approved an investment of 8 million euros for 50 startups that are part of the AccelerOra program, created thanks to the Acceleratori Fund, which has an endowment of 125 million euros .

The new allocation is in addition to the 14 million euros of investments that the program, carried out in partnership with 6 primary accelerators present on the national territory, has managed to attract from private investors, for a total of 22 million euros destined to support startups especially in the initial phase.

In particular, the areas of action in which these companies move range from the medical sector- technology to agritech, from fintech to ecommerce to fashion, from education to b2b software up to software as a sarvice (Saas) and digital community. Particular attention will then be given to entrepreneurial realities in the nascent phase in Southern Italy, financed in co-investment with the Italia Venture II Fund, which has an endowment of 150 million euros of capital subscribed and intended to support startups in the South.
Each of the supported young companies will be able to receive funding for a maximum of 300 thousand euros, and all transactions will be carried out by accelerators, third party investors or matching grant partners, with allocations of prizes for specific projects.

Thanks to the participation of institutional investors, and similar programs aim to attract the most investments from other actors, with the objective of “to make venture capital a cornerstone of economic development and innovation of the Country” , explains Enrico Resmini, chief executive officer and general director of Cdp, Venture Capital Sgr.

today, Cdp Capital Venture, owned as to 70% by Cassa depositi e prestiti and 30% by Invitalia (the national agency for Enterprise development), has in the management of 756 million euros and aims by the end of the year to reach the billion euros of resources to invest to support young innovative companies of our country. At the moment have already released 100 million euro investment to support more than 160 startups, with the goal of getting to support a thousand within the next three years.

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