Snapdragon 875: Samsung does not guarantee, Qualcomm delegates TSMC

Snapdragon 875: Samsung does not guarantee, Qualcomm delegates TSMC
Given the latest vicissitudes in the Samsung foundries, Qualcomm is in dialogue with TSMC to produce the new Snapdragon 875 on schedule.

Samsung, realy having problems with the new 5nm process, is worrying Qualcomm who has decided so to delegate part of the production to TSMC.

But what are these vicissitudes? In a nutshell, the South Korean company would have made some theoretical errors about the creation of SoCs with a 5 nm production process. These emerged when it was realized that having pushed the lithography so deeply was not directly proportional to the expected performance.

As said, much more performing results were expected, especially for the SoC flagship Snapdragon 875. The problem is that certain parameters have already been guaranteed to Qualcomm by Samsung and that therefore, the latter, must find a solution as soon as possible.

The famous Chipmaker, cornered by a calendar already decided, it would have raised the possibility of adding part of the production to TSMC, which is also capable of realizing SoC with a 5 nm production process. For now there is an agreement for this year and Samsung will still remain the main partner. But given the problems that have emerged, anything can happen.

If you want to keep to the times, Qualcomm cannot do otherwise at the moment. The American company was also thinking of going too far with orders but at the moment TSMC has signed black on white for the production of the Apple A14 and Kirin 1000/1020 SoCs, so the production lines are already quite busy. Among other things, the Kirin 1000 will probably be the last and will close the agreements between Huawei and TSMC. Trump decided it, as always of course.

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