Run the Lionsgate Horror film will not make its theatrical debut

Run the Lionsgate Horror film will not make its theatrical debut
Run, the horror film produced by Lionsgate starring American Horror Story star Sarah Paulson, will not only debut in theaters.

The news is the Holliwood Reporter (you can read the article at this link) who says that Run the horror-thriller film, previously scheduled in theaters on May 8 and obviously postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic, will instead be published on Hulu. The debut date of Run on the streaming platform has not yet been revealed although, internationally, the production company has confirmed that the film will also be distributed in theaters.

Directed by Aneesh Chaganty with the participation by Kiera Allen, the official description of the film is about how you can never escape a mother's love, pointing out that for the protagonist, Chloe, this is more of a threat than a comfort. There is indeed something unnatural and disturbing in the relationship between Chloe, played by Kiera Allen, and her mother Diane, played by Sarah Paulson. Diane raised her daughter in total isolation, checking her every move from birth, demonstrating how the name of the film is right:

"when mom gets a little too close ... you have to run!"

The films that have had to find alternatives to debut at the cinema more and more in recent months, such as for example the new live action Dinsey Mulan, and movies, Artemis Fowl and Hamilton (always available on the Disney Plus ). Other films that have suffered the same fate were The Lovebirds , produced by Paramount and available on Netflix , Trolls World Tour and King of Staten Island , both of which titles Paramount aired on VOD and Scoob!, film Warner Bros available on the platform HBO Max . Although the date of his debut Run has not yet been announced, Lionsgate has announced that with regard to the distribution in the rooms, this will happen anyway in some selected international markets.

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