PS5: price revealed by a well-known site, is it credible?

PS5: price revealed by a well-known site, is it credible?
Sony Interactive Entertainment has today announced the next State of Play: the event will be mainly dedicated to PS4 and PS VR games and, while proposing some updates on PS5 games already announced, it will not include the price and release date of the new console. . When can we find out? For now we have no idea, but a new leak appears on the net that "anticipates" the price of PS5.

As reported by TheSixthAxis, in fact, the French shop Carrefour has just released the PlayStation preorder page 5 and all related official accessories. The price of PS5 and accessories, according to Carrefour, is:

PlayStation 5 Standard: 499.00 euros PlayStation 5 Digital Edition: 399.00 euros Pulse 3D headphones: 49.90 euros Charging station for two DualSense controllers: 49.90 euros DualSense controller : 49.90 euros PlayStation 5 HD camera: 49.90 euros Multimedia remote control for PS5: 49.90 euros As you can see, all the accessories are positioned at 49.90 euros: this detail, in particular, makes us think that it is just the umpteenth placeholder, leaked For error. DualSense is an evolution of DualShock 4 and includes even more components: considering that the PS4 controller costs 75 euros, it seems unlikely that the PS5 gamepad will be much less. Pulse 3D headphones are also likely to cost more: certainly more than a remote control. The same can be said of the HD Camera.

The prices of the two PS5 models, however, could be (almost) correct: € 499 is the most popular figure by analysts all over the world. To amaze are the 399 euros of the digital version: many expect a price difference of 50 euros, not 100.

For now, in any case, it is just a rumor without confirmations or denials. There is nothing else to do but wait for the official information.

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