PS5: here are the PS4 accessories compatible with the next-gen

PS5: here are the PS4 accessories compatible with the next-gen
With the arrival of a new generation of consoles, many players are looking for a big step forward, with the hope of leaving the flaws of the current generation behind. At the same time, we hope not to have to leave behind our accessories and peripherals, on which we have spent a good amount of euros. In the case of PS5, however, which PS4 peripherals and accessories are compatible with the next-gen?

Sony has released on the PlayStation Blog a series of information on what awaits us with PS5. Let's see the details together.

PS5 | Compatible PS4 accessories

First of all, let's see the PS4 accessories that will work for sure on PS5, the new generation console of Sony Interactive Entertainment:

Official racing wheels: they will work with PlayStation 5 games and games PS4 supported Arcade style sticks: will work with PS5 games and PS4 games supported Flight levers: will work with PlayStation 5 and PS4 games supported Wireless headphones with Platinum or Gold microphone will work on PS5 Third-party headphones that connect via USB or jack audio will work on PlayStation 5 PS Move and PS VR aim controller: will work with PS VR games supported on PS5 DualShock 4 (PS4 Controller): will work with supported PS4 games Official gamepad controller: will work with supported PS4 games

All Will third-party accessories work?

Sony said “not all official or third-party PlayStation peripherals and accessories could I was running on PS5 and with specific titles. " You will therefore need to check with the manufacturer that third-party peripherals are compatible with PlayStation 5 before purchasing them.

the DualShock 4 works with the PlayStation games 5?

Sony has confirmed that it will not be possible to play the games PS5 with the DualShock 4. To play the games the PlayStation 5 will be mandatory to use the DualSense. The old controller PS4, for example, lacks features such as the haptic feedback and the triggers adaptive that point to make the game experience more profound: their lack would limit the quality of the game.

PlayStation Camera PS4 work on PS5?

The Room of the PS4 works with the PlayStation 5 and can be used to play games for PS VR are supported. To be able to connect the PlayStation Camera, however, you will need an adapter that will be supplied free of charge to holders of PS VR: Sony will tell you later how to get the adapter for free.

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