Martin Sheen, the 80 years of the captain of Apocalipse Now

Martin Sheen, the 80 years of the captain of Apocalipse Now

The unforgettable Benjamin L. Willard of Francis Ford Coppola's masterpiece reaches an important milestone, which adds to the hundred films and fundamental television roles (such as that in The West Wing and then in Grace and Frankie) (Photo: Getty Images) There is news that has made the fans of series fans happy in the last few days: Amazon West Video is back in stock

The West Wing, one of the most appreciated productions and, in general, considered among the best made in history. Originally produced by the American NBC channel from 1999 to 2006 and written by Aaron Sorkin in Italy - where All the President's Men were subtitled - it had become difficult to find. The return in streaming corresponds, among other things, to a fortunate coincidence in time: its protagonist, Martin Sheen, the actor who plays President Jed Bartlet, turns 80 today 3 August.

Born in 1940 from an immigrant family (his mother was Irish and his Galician father, so much so that his real name is Ramón Estévez), the actor is now a Hollywood institution and, before acting on television, he built a solid career Cinematic: After the lucky beginnings in the late 60's in films like The Lady Loved Roses and Comma 22 by Mike Nichols, Sheen became famous for her role in the 1973 Terence Malick opera The Young Rage, but even more playing Captain Benjamin L. Willard in Francis Ford Coppola Apocalypse Now's masterpiece in 1979

(despite the difficulties experienced during the shooting, between typhoons, alcoholism and even a heart attack, that was the part, intense and dramatic, that most identified him to the general public).

Over the years, then, was in the cast of a hundred films , such as the Gandhi of Richard Attenborough, The dead zone, David Cronenberg, Wall Street by Oliver Stone, The president of Rob Reiner (written by Sorkin), catch me if you can by Steven Spielberg, The Departed Martin Scorsese. In 1990, he starred in the only film he has ever directed in his career, Men at the step : in the film recite two of his sons, Charlie Sheen , known for his turbulent life, and for roles in Hot Shots and Two and a half men , and Ramón Estévez (also his other two children, Emilio and Renee are actors).

in addition to the film, Martin Sheen has never shied from roles in television, so much so that in 1993 he won an Emmy for the role of guest star in the series Murphy Brown . But the consecration cathode is precisely with The West Wing , where he plays a president of the United States from solid economic training, and by the great ideals that must also hide to the voters multiple sclerosis ; the role earned him a Golden Globe and two Sag Awards . Most recently, he has been the protagonist of the popular comedy Netflix Grace and Frankie , where alongside superstars of his caliber as Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin and Sam Waterston , whose seventh and last season should make his debut in January.

film career, Sheen has always been a activism very turned on : he said that in his life, was arrested over sixty times for acts of civil disobedience , engaging especially against war and in favor of the environment. Recently, just as his colleague Jane Fonda, it is often seen in the protests of Fridays for the Future to give notice to the governments of the world, and in particular to that of the United States, to act quickly against climate catastrophe. A fervent catholic , has expressed in the time positions are contradictory on abortion , declaring himself pro-life and, therefore, personally opposed to abortion, but also supports the right of women to choose freely.

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