Pikmin 3 Deluxe, the preview

Pikmin 3 Deluxe, the preview


What is Pikmin Pikmin 3 Certainties and Doubts While some were hoping for the announcement of the fourth episode - now not impossible, but very difficult in the immediate future - Nintendo presented Pikmin 3 Deluxe, a reinterpretation of the classic released in 2013 for Nintendo Wii U. After this umpteenth porting, the nature of which we will discuss extensively in this preview, there will be very few games that the Japanese company, among those developed internally, will have decided not to transplant from one platform to another. Excluding those that have received a direct following rather similar to the original (such as Splatoon or Super Mario Maker), those too linked to the communicative interface between the two screens (such as Star Fox Zero or Nintendo Land), only Super Mario 3D World and the two remakes of The Legend of Zelda for GameCube (if we don't forget something). Pikmin 3 Deluxe will arrive on October 30.

In our review of the time, written exactly seven years ago, Andrea Palmisano - who rewarded the game with a nine - began the article by asking himself a particular question: if, after nine years of waiting, it was legitimate to consider a sequel as such, or if it were more correct to consider it a new game. Question that, read today, is even paradoxical. Because after seven years in which Miyamoto has repeatedly reiterated that the sequel to Pikmin 3 was in the works (was he referring to Hey! Pikmin?), We find ourselves with the porting of a title that, in turn, had been made to wait for nearly a decade. Although critically praised, it cannot be said that the Pikmin saga has found great commercial success: no episode has ever approached the two million copies sold. This, in part, explains the long time frames just outlined. On the other hand, precisely because of its prestige, Nintendo knows well how sensible it is to carry on such a series: loved by fans, however esteemed by those who do not appreciate it.

Finally, do not secondly, Pikmin is the brainchild of Miyamoto , and from him is, "protected": other sagas from the sales of similar, or even greater, have made a completely different end.

What's Nearby

Pikmin is born in 2001 on the GameCube, and although in the course of time, they evolved on a technological level, has remained intact in the soul: it is a real-time strategy extremely nintendizzato. A concept as easy to understand as it is difficult to explain; we could call it a strategic with a strong component of action, supported by precise controls and dynamic. The player assumes the role of an alien, landed or scattered on a planet unknown to him (basically due to our Earth), has the need to explore it for some reason: that is the finding of objects in order to charge the spacecraft, or to accumulate the fruit (like in Pikmin 3) to feed the tired planet of his birth. To do this, being tiny, requires the help of the pikmin : tiny little creatures insectoid that the protagonist, through an antenna, has the ability to subdue and control it to his liking.

As you have understood from our brief summary, the issues raised by this game are very complex. This is not an essay on the ecology, on the nature of leadership, or on the exploitation of exotic resources: Nintendo does not give answers. It is, moreover, a title for everyone, usually, including children. However, this is definitely one of the games most committed of the japanese company. Because the answers not me, but the questions it poses, quite a lot. It is not the case is shown, in detail, the death of the individual pikmin : crunched by someone, drowned, burned, eaten in the night because I abandoned. They are the beings who will obey as subjects , probably stupid, that you can use to your advantage. At the same time, the motivation for which you do that is different from the "save the princess": in Pikmin 3 you explore PNF-404 to find food, food that now is scarce on consumed planet of origin of the aliens (Koppai). An incipit that would like to be Elon Musk, and this striker would terrify Greta Thunberg , and that cannot be considered trivial. Add to that the fact that, even with the lightness, lays the death, and the cycle of life, at the center of the experience.

Pikmin 3

in Addition to the visual aspect, Pikmin 3 stands out from the predecessors to the contemporary use of three characters , whose collaboration is essential to maximize the exploration of the four areas of PNF-404. You can perform many actions at the same time, moving - with the simple push of a button - from one captain to another: sometimes it is required to solve the puzzle, in the majority of cases it is recommended to maximize the collection of the day . Because in Pikmin, of night, does not explore: within the twilight, we need to return to the ship, bringing it back to the base each being used during the day, on pain of its loss (that is, death, because it is eaten by other animals during the night). The more fruit you collect (in all, 66 pieces, at least in the original), the more juice you get, the more you can survive on PNF-404.

In this third chapter there are five pikmin at the disposal of the three captains (Alph, Brittany and Charlie), each with different skills, to manage carefully both in the combat phase, both during the exploration. The pikmin, the red ones are more versatile: they fight well, they jump fairly well, withstand the test of fire. Those yellow jump higher, are immune to electricity but less nerboruti; the blue ones , in fact, breathe underwater. Then there are the pikmin, pink , disturbing little creatures flying, really valuable to see: both for the hue that enlivens the group, both because, unlike the other members of the troop, moving flying. They are fragile, but the only ones able to reach certain areas (and, of course, to fall in certain traps). The pikmin of the rock are the most heavy, but also those who are beating more, and apparently more stupid, and even more cute.

What can we expect different from this edition Deluxe ? Definitely will disappear the controls via the Wiimote, by many considered the best, and it is not said that they will be replaced by the Joy-With loose stones ; at the same time, it will not be visible - of course - the map on a secondary display. Loss annoying but not very important: Pikmin 3 was being played, and you play well with a pad traditional. Nintendo has promised that it will be improved the system of aims, and that will be balanced unlike some of the enemies (so to intuition, there is in the mind of which they may be). It will be introduced, in line with the philosophy Switch, multiplayer collaborative. There will be a prologue and an epilogue unpublished , with a focus on Olimar and Louie, the captains of Pikmin 2 (which, however, needs to be clarified, appeared in the epilogue of the original). Graphically, while not being able to say with certainty, at the moment this Deluxe edition seems identical to the original.

it Is hard to comment on the existence of Pikmin 3 Deluxe, because it comes in a period of extremely particular, in which Nintendo has reset the communication about their future, and in which were made many (too many?) ported from the Wii U. This announcement has come when we expected the new games, maybe Pikmin 4, which has been discussed for years. At the same time, Pikmin 3 is a beautiful game that definitely deserves a second chance on the biggest theatre stage: also the absence of direct concorretti, we doubt both aged badly. The themes it deals with, especially that of environmentalism, are more current than ever. In spite of the introductions, such as the arrival of the multiplayer mode or the all-new epilogue, it is unlikely to be a purchase recommended for those who already own the original. We'll know more at the exit, the October 30, 2020.


it Is a beautiful game and A unique series, with a few competitors Is a current topic


The news will be just the contour? The control without a Wiimote or a Gamepad will be fine? It is not a doubt, but we would have preferred Pikmin 4...

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