Online Degree in Languages: distance telematic universities and opportunities

Online Degree in Languages: distance telematic universities and opportunities
The distance learning degree has been part of the Italian online training offer for over a decade. The first online degree course in Languages ​​was, in fact, activated in the 2009-2010 academic year. In an increasingly globalized and interconnected world, knowing foreign languages ​​has become crucial for both work and daily life. Studying Foreign Languages ​​online also allows those who would not have the opportunity to attend university to master this knowledge.

Enrolling in a degree in Foreign Languages ​​online, in fact, gives the advantage of having no restrictions in terms of place and times in which to take part in educational activities. The lessons can be used from any device (computer, smartphone, tablet), 24 hours a day and 7 days a week without having to travel. An ideal solution for those who work or have family commitments that would otherwise make it impossible to obtain a degree.

The distance degree in Languages ​​can be a three-year or master's degree. The three-year courses available online refer to the degree classes in Modern Languages ​​and Cultures (L-11) and Linguistic Mediation (L-12). The master's degrees that can be obtained at telematic universities, on the other hand, belong to the classes of Modern European and American Languages ​​and Literatures (LM-37) and Modern Languages ​​for International Communication and Cooperation (LM-38).

An online degree in Languages ​​opens up professional perspectives that are not limited to teaching, interpreting and translation. A degree in Telematic Linguistic Mediation or Foreign Languages ​​today can be the key to a career in the world of communication, international business relations and tourism.

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