Magic The Gathering: a Secret Lair dedicated to dogs is coming

Magic The Gathering: a Secret Lair dedicated to dogs is coming
Magic The Gathering's Secret Lairs are now a fixed appointment in 2020 of Wizards Of The Coast, which this time amazes with a set dedicated to Dogs, arriving tomorrow, August 26, and available for only 24 hours.

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If you missed the last Secret Drop dedicated to Slime, you can make up for it with this new Drop dedicated to dogs (on the occasion of World Dog Day) in two different editions: regular and foil, with a price variation between the two of € 10.

Every Dog Has Its Day, this is the name of the set, will contain four cards (Rest in Peace, Dig in Time, Ancient Grudge and Lightning Greaves), all with an alternative illustration dedicated to man's best friend and will be priced at € 34.99 for the Regular version and € 44.99 for the version Foil. You can buy it by clicking here.

“Who is a good drop? Who is a good drop? Here it is! Let's celebrate World Dog Day 2020 with this obedient Secret Lair drop that features the sweetest puppies ever. If you have a deck or collection of four-legged friends to complete, these cute and cuddly cards are looking for a home. This drop contains four trained cards with exaggeratedly soft and furry illustrations by AlbaBG, JakobEirich, Steve Prescott, and RudySiswanto. Adopt it now! "

But what are Secret Lairs? They are special sets (or Drop) designed and created for collectors from all over the world of Magic The Gathering, containing alternative versions of known cards, enclosed in a particular box. What makes them exclusive, however, is the fact that they are on sale for a limited period: only 24 hours! If you are a collector and do not want to spend monstrous amounts to recover them later, we advise you not to let them escape.
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