macOS 11 Big Sur: the beta 4 for developers

macOS 11 Big Sur: the beta 4 for developers
The bitten apple has released the beta 4 of macOS 11 Big Sur to the developers, introducing some improvements compared to the previous one that will then find a place in the final edition of the operating system arriving by autumn. The distribution has started, but as often happens in these cases it may take a short wait before obtaining the update.

Big Sur: the beta 4 of macOS 11

The rollout only a couple of weeks away from beta 3. Safari features the ability to stream 4K YouTube videos (thanks to the support of the VP9 codec). The browser is also enhanced with compatibility with WebP images and HDR movies. Add to this the usual list of bugfixes.

Upgrading to the macOS 11 beta Big Sur from previous versions of macOS may take significantly longer than expected. Data loss could occur if the update is interrupted.

Apple should also make the Big Sur public beta available in a tight turn, allowing anyone to download and install the preview version. According to the roadmap set at first, the debut should have been registered in July (as for iOS 14 and tvOS 14), but something seems not to have gone as planned. The watchOS 7 platform is also late.

macOS 11 will be an important update to the operating system of Cupertino. Announced at the end of June on the occasion of the event WWDC 2020 , will be the’ farewell final to OS X, bringing with him the important news, among other things, at the level of the interface (as you can see in the screenshot above) and in the management of the update . Recent rumors they also want to integrated the support Face ID to the biometric authentication via facial recognition with a mode similar to what happens on the iPhone and iPad.

Source: Apple

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