League of Legends Pre-Season 11 Treats: Item Changes Coming!

League of Legends Pre-Season 11 Treats: Item Changes Coming!
The advances of season 11 of League of Legends have been released by Riot Games. Objects end up in the developers' sights!

Their evil plan is to bring a new range of objects to the public in order to revolutionize their gameplay.

Everyone, ALL, objects will find one change, others will be introduced and still others will find their end in pre-season 11!

However, still, we don't have the specific details but only what is in their plans!

Let's study them together!

Healings and Serious Injury

Over time, among objects, runes and kits of various champions, healings have become all too common, almost always pushing the various players to build Serious Injury.

How to solve / improve the situation?

One of the goals of the developers is to mitigate and reduce the number of Healing options, as well as improve the effectiveness of the Serious Injury.

If you are new to the game, for now, Serious Injury is a debuff that reduces the 50% healings!

Cooldown Reduction

It will have a new name: Skill Speed, as well as a new number system!

What does this mean?

Previously, cooldown reduction was an exponential function, reducing the spell's maximum cooldown time by a given percentage (10% cooldown reduction corresponds to 11% more skills cast, while 40% cooldown reduction offers 66% more casts and 50% cooldown reduction, 100% more casts). This led to the decision to set a maximum growth ceiling of 40%. (45% if you consider the Rune of the branch of inspiration!)

The speed of skill instead provides a linear increase in power compared to the number of additional casts. So, 10 skill speed = 10% more skills cast, 20 = 20% more, 30 = 30% more.

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