Jim Lee confirms the new DC set-up and the future of the line

Jim Lee confirms the new DC set-up and the future of the line
It was one of the most difficult weeks in the DC house due to the violent wave of layoffs that hit the publishing house and in general all the companies in the conglomerate controlled by the telecommunications giant AT&T including Warner Bros. and HBO. After a few days in which rumors of all kinds circulated - including that of the closure of the editorial division - Jim Lee, publisher and chief creator officer, gave a long interview to THR in which he spoke about the new structure of the publishing house and the future of the editorial line.

It was a real stream of consciousness that of the designer who immediately defined the past week as "difficult" because many people who helped shape it - specifically many executives - greeted the company between Bob Harras (Editor-in-Chief), Bobbie Chase (Vice President Global Publishing Initiatives & Digital Strategy) and Hank Kanalz (Senior Vice President Publishing Strategy & Support Services) but also some important editors such as Mark Doyle (Executive Editor by DC Black Label) and Brian Cunningham (Senior Story Editor).

Jim Lee on the future of comic books

Jim Lee was clear: the reorganization one will take the next 2/3 months away but there will be no pauses nor have writers and designers been asked to stop their work.

Lee has called the comic "the cornerstone" of everything that revolves around the DC brand.

Telling stories, updating mythology is essential. All the other divisions lean on us and together we establish the significant elements of each character and each story that they can use and incorporate in their adaptations. The goal is to reach a global audience and comics help promote the brand in this sense with well-defined awareness and identity.

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