Iren Pay: now Iren is also a payment institution

Iren Pay: now Iren is also a payment institution
The first Italian multiutility to directly enable payments appears on the market: it is Iren Luce gas and services, which with the launch of Iren Pay takes a step forward, transforming itself in fact into a Payment Institute.

Iren Pay, the bill is paid in this way

The news is explained as follows by the group:

Once all the requirements set by the law have been satisfied, Iren luce gas e servizi has become a new actress in the payment services and can act as an intermediary between the customer and his internet banking, initiating the online payment of electricity and gas bills from the IrenYou Web / App platform, without the application of additional costs by Iren. All in maximum security, because Iren, as a service provider, does not access sensitive customer data (authentication for payment takes place on the bank's server), collects its explicit consent for each operation, makes all its available payment information.

The news is substantial and in all likelihood will open up to other similar services from competitors by virtue of the fact that, with the recent European directive "PSD2" (Payment Services Directive 2, " which introduced and regulated the operation of new functions within the payments market, with the aim of making money management safer and more convenient "), new new possibilities open up without having to rely on intermediaries. Payments can become a service in themselves, therefore, by reducing frictions in the circulation of money and generating new "energy" for the economy.

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