iPhone 12 Pro: Here it is live with 120 Hz display and LiDAR scanner

iPhone 12 Pro: Here it is live with 120 Hz display and LiDAR scanner
A few weeks after the presentations, an important leak reveals a "taste" of the design of the new iPhone 12 Pro and confirms various features such as the 120 Hz display and the presence of the LiDAR scanner.

The model under the lens magnification is precisely the iPhone 12 Pro Max and Jon Prosser reveals both screens and a video that confirm what is reported in his post.

The images are inherent to a pre-production iPhone 12 Pro Max, which measures a 6.7-inch panel. In the screens you can see two options that leave no room for doubt:

Enable High Refresh Rate which pushes the entire visual user experience to the display's refresh rate of 120 Hz; Enable Adaptive Refresh Rate which lets the software decide when to use 120 Hz or scale to a lower frequency. There is also a screen regarding the settings that allow you to take advantage of the LiDAR scanner function. Once activated, the sensor will activate and guarantee even more accurate autofocus in all light conditions, including better detection at night of subjects both in photos and videos.

And the design? From the short video we can confirm that the notch will remain of the classic size, or like the one introduced by the iPhone X onwards. The bezels will be even thinner but we do not know if they will be the same size even on the standard iPhone 12.

From minute 5 on you can see the iPhone 12 Pro Max in action with the interaction of the functions just mentioned. Finally, the leaker claims that the Face ID will be almost “wide angle” by detecting the face at wider angles.

iPhone SE 2020 is now available in black, white and the famous product RED. You can find it here.

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