Immuni reaches 5 million downloads

Immuni reaches 5 million downloads
Immuni reaches 5 million downloads. No, it is not a surprise: the number confirms both the rise of the installations and the slowness of the rise itself at the same time. In short, there is no acceleration, so those who stigmatize the app's ability to self-fuel their presence among word of mouth are right; there is growth, so those who argue that it is the emergency that stimulates installations more than anything else is right.

5 million Immune apps

But understand who is right, frankly , it matters little. As written in a parallel analysis, the number of Immuni downloads seems to be today a game for its own sake that misleads the importance of using Immuni to build a sort of digital herd immunity in which it is collective collaboration that asserts the their strength to help individuals.

"A success not only for those who downloaded it, because it guarantees better prevention for everyone, in view of the resumption of work and school": so the official account of the app on Twitter to celebrate the achievement. The campaign with Flavio Insinna as the protagonist and the other communication attempts do not seem to be able to hit the mark: for the moment there has been no acceleration and Immuni is growing by 25 thousand units a day trying one step after another to extend your own protection perimeter.

Download the #Immuni app too. The more we are, the better we are.

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- Immuni App (@ immuni_app) August 20, 2020

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